Monthly Character Traits

  • What is Character Education?

    Developing positive character traits among youth is vital in today's society. Many different schools, school districts and even states are now requiring that Character Education be specifically addressed in the classroom. It is recommended that character education be infused into the climate and daily routines of schools.

    As defined by Dr. Thomas Lickona, character education is the deliberate effort to develop virtues that are good for the individual and good for society. The objective goodness of virtues is based on the fact that they:

    • Affirm our human dignity
    • Promote the well-being and happiness of the individual
    • Serve the common good
    • Define our rights and obligations
    • Meet the classical ethical tests of reversibility (Would you want to be treated this way?) and universalizability (Would you want all persons to act this way in a similar situation?).

    Character Connection  

    We at Carmichael are dedicated to developing positive character traits in our students.  Each month students learn about a character trait(s) and what it means to exhibit that trait. By discussing these traits with your child, it will aid in building the bridge between school and home.

    San Jaun's Six Positive Character Traits

    • Understanding that all people have value as human beings
    • Treating one’s self and others with consideration, courtesy, and compassion
    • Recognizing similarities and differences in a diverse society
    • Knowing and doing what is expected
    • Having a sense of duty to fulfill tasks with reliability, dependability and commitment
    • Being personally accountable for one’s own actions
    • Being trustworthy and action with integrity
    • Being true to our words and commitments
    • Facing the truth about actions without making excuses
    Caring (Giving and Service):
    • Treating other people the way one wants to be treated
    • Considering the feelings of all people who will be affected by one’s actions and decisions
    • Modeling good citizenship by promoting peace, freedom and a healthy environment
    • Learning and working with others to reach common goals
    • Embracing and valuing opinions and ideas of others
    • Willingly participating with others to reach positive solutions
    • Saying and doing what we believe to be right, even in challenging instances
    • Taking bold and positive action to overcome obstacles in life’s experiences
    • Bravely meeting difficulty or danger without giving way to fear
Last Modified on June 8, 2014