•  Amelia Marusich Kindyl Houston  Amelia is always on task in my class. She is incredibly kind, bright, and focused. I feel that Amelia is a quintessential example of what it means to be a Pasteur Tiger.
    Roxy Lanzaro  Sanders -Math Roxy is always super polite and respectful young lady.  She has even offered her own free time to tutor 6th graders after school!!! 
    Audrey Sawyer  Sanders - Art  Audrey is extremely creative and helpful as my new art TA.  She is always one step ahead of me and doing things before I even ask.  She is amazing 
    Connor Campbell  Spencer  Connor is taking Historical concepts and applying them to contemporary issues.  
    Samantha Bajorek  Smith - PE  Samantha works hard in PE, always going above and beyond in effort and ability. 
    Jordan Wilmeth   Smith - Stu Gov  Jordan puts in extra work, and consistently asks what she can do beyond what has been assigned. 
    Danielle Maki  Smith - History  Danielle has taken pride in her work and consistently participates in class discussion. 
    Isabella Vazquez  Keefe - Math Isabella always puts forth her best effort in math.  She exhibits a positive outlook and attitude daily! 
    Mauricio Rosas  Dunkel  Mauricio works hard every day in PE, he is a delight to have in class. 



    Knierim  Davyn always puts his best effort into all of his work. He is a valued, enthusiastic and "PAWsitive" member of class! 



    Kaylee ALWAYS comes to class with a positive energetic attitude.  She is a hard worker, helpful to other students, and a fantastic person.  Thanks Kaylee for being in my class!!  
     Le Anna Penuel Slattery  Consistent effort, a great work ethic and a willingness to help others makes Le Anna a Groovy Student.
    Carley Falt  Markley  Carley has improved in confidence, participation and effort, since the beginning of the year. Hard work pays off, well done!
    Jayla Stuart  Overholt  Jayla always gives 100% effort in everything she does. She definitely shows her PAWS with her positive attitude. 
    Jaden Fontanoz  Pollock  Jaden is hard working in science everyday. More importantly he is kind to everyone in the classroom, his positive attitude is infectious. 
    Christine Garcia  Schreiber  Christine has done an amazing job in computers.  She has worked hard done a great job on every assignment. 
    Mia  Galanti Mullisen  Mia works hard, has a great attitude, is kind to everyone around her, and is a great Pasteur Tiger! Thanks Mia for being in my class!!!
    Willy Calvillo and William Bailey  J Feldmann These two guys are amazing.  Both work well,help others and always have a smile.  That is the power of W x 2. 
    Natalie Consolacion Burke Natalie always goes above and beyond in English. She strives to do her best and always pushes herself to excel! 
    Desiree Jimenez  B. Feldman  She is amazing 
    Jasmine Buck  B. Feldman   She has made excellent progress in English 
    Emma Khochay  Davidson  Emma has become a great leader in our choir! She leads the group when we have a sub and is always a positive example to her peers. Keep up the great work! 
    Alessandra Swiryn Di Cosmo Mr. Bowker Alessandra has been churning out great work and is a positive influence on those around her.  
    Ms. Kaylee Gibbs  M. Schmelling  Kaylee is a fantastic Peer Leader.  I appreciate the leadership role she is taking, as she is an integral part of creating and shaping our welcome event for new students.  Thank you.
    Julie Chkhaylo  Mr. Pop  Julie has been and exemplary student and citizen in 7th grade History since the first day of school this year. She is a hugely positive influence on students around her and is always willing to help as a teachers helper to collect papers and hand out materials in a mature manner. Her work is completed to a high quality that all seven graders should aspire to emulate.