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    Year 3 = Computer Integrated Manufacturing [CIM] = CAPSTONE CLASS-

    Open to 11th and 12th Grade students

    Students will:

    -discover and explore manufacturing processes

    -product design



    -apply what they have learned to design solutions for real-world manufacturing problems. 


    Successful Students have the following skills:

    Successful completion of grade level math. ( Successful completion of IM2 or Co-Enrolled in IM3 )

    Sees a problem as a challenge.

    Problem solver.



    - Student the certificate of completion

    - Metal to wear at graduation

    - Priority registration at some colleges.

    - Real world, practical application of knowledge gained thus far in Science, Math and Art

    - Completion of 3 of 3 courses in the sequence.


    More Complete Information on CIM curriculum- Click on the PDF below:

     CIM Resume PDF


    *VAPA = Visual and Performing Arts. Required for graduation from SJUSD high schools as well as UC entrance requirements.


Last Modified on October 10, 2019