• Mission Avenue Open School’s comprehensive safety plan has been developed and reviewed by the School Site Council & Site Safety Team which includes the following members:


    School Site Council: Dionne Collins (teacher), Elizabeth Keenan (teacher), Nancy Carter (teacher), Kathy Leachman (classified staff), Rafael Ruano (parent), Kortnie Anderson (parent), Lorin Harrott (parent), Kelly Garbarini (parent), Peggy Parker (community member), and Margaret Terzich (Principal).


    Site Safety Team: Elizabeth Keenan (teacher), Justin Prichard (teacher), Kelly Timpson (teacher), Margaret Terzich (Principal), Chris Garbarini (parent), and Greg Hogan (SJUSD Safe Schools Dept. representative).


    The Site Safety Team consulted and coordinated with safety planning groups from other schools in developing this plan as appropriate. A public SSC meeting will be held for interested parties to review the plan on March 19, 2019 at 2925 Mission Avenue, Carmichael. This plan is to be amended as needed and will continue to be fluid based on student safety needs. It shall be updated annually with review and approval by the Site Safety Team by March 1, 2019. A copy of the current plan will be kept on hand in the school office and made available for inspection upon request.


    Once the plan is finalized, it will be posted on this web page.

Last Modified on March 24, 2019