If Your Teen Gets In Trouble

  • If Your Teen Gets In Trouble, Repair The Damage and Move On

    "You have to come get me. I’ve been suspended." These are not words any parent wants to ever hear. How can you deal with your teen and the school if there is a discipline problem? Here are some suggestions:
    Listen. Your first tendency may be to get angry. That’s pretty normal, but it won’t help. Start by listening to both your teen and the school.
    Ask for a meeting. If a meeting isn’t required, set up a conference yourself. Talk to the principal. If a teacher is involved, ask him or her to be present, too. Try to work as partners with the school in addressing the problem.
    Don’t let studies slide. Ask if you can pick up school assignments when your teen is out of school.
    Set consequences at home. On the days your teen is suspended, there should be no TV or sleeping late.
    Make amends. Your teen may need to write a letter of apology. He may need to repair the damage he did to the school. Teens need to learn that when they make mistakes, they can at least try to correct them.
    After one suspension, most teens never get in trouble again. Keep that in mind as you deal with this incident.
Last Modified on June 9, 2014