• Building Cultural Competence Amongst Staff


    The SJUSD Refugee Team is building cultural competence amongst our site and district staff by offering cultural presentations to all SJUSD schools or departments.

    Cultural competence is both our moral and ethical responsibility to create a welcoming environment for immigrant students to succeed. The impact of having educators who have the ability to challenge and motivate diverse student populations can dramatically improve the educational system and student outcomes.



    • To develop an understanding of refugee/immigrant students.
    • To identify the needs and complexities of refugee/immigrant students.
    • To develop the cultural competency of SJUSD staff.


    Long term goals:

    • To develop a culturally competent school.
    • To develop a school that promotes inclusiveness.
    • To promote appreciation of cultural difference and recognize diversity as an asset.
    • That cultural appreciation is reflected in the curriculum, classroom practices, and a school’s interaction with parents and the community.


    Each presentation is tailored to the school or department. Please complete a cultural presentation request form and email it to natanael.luna@sanjuan.edu or mail it to Jennifer Lancaster, San Juan Central, Room 17, Carmichael, CA 95608. The presentation request form will help us understand your site or department needs.

    Please submit requests at least two weeks prior to the requested date.

    Please contact Natanael Luna at (916) 979-8568 for any questions. 


Last Modified on December 17, 2019