• Newcomer Distance Learning

    Summer School Program 2020

    For Newcomer Students Entering Grades 9- 12


    Session 1:  June 15 – July 24, 2020

    09:00 am – 11:00 pm 

    Monday - Friday

    Session 2:  June 15 – July 24, 2020

    11:00 am – 2:00 pm 

    Monday - Friday



    The Virtual Newcomer Summer School program is designed for English Learners in need of additional language development to further their academic success. Student eligibility will be based on English Learner status, Refugee status, ELPAC score of level 1 or 2 and incoming 9-12 grades.


    • To improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English. 
    • To provide U.S. cultural norms, school content, and social skills to better prepare them for their next school year.
    • To support students with high school graduation requirements by offering high school credit and providing one to one graduation plans.


    • To give newcomer English Learners full access to high-quality English language Arts, while progressing students through the ELD-level continuum.
    • To strengthen English language and literacy skills.
    • To participate in sustained dialogue on a variety of topics.
    • To explain their thinking and build on others’ ideas.
    • To construct arguments and justify their positions persuasively with sound evidence.
    • To effectively produce written and oral texts.


    General Information

    San Juan Unified School District is offering a virtual Summer School for Newcomer students who have been in the country for two years or less.
    The Office of Student Learning Assistance in partnership with EDGENUITY is offering a six-week Summer School Program. Through EDGENUITY we will provide English Language Art and math support elective credits.
    The curriculum will be offered in English, Spanish, Dari/Farsi, Pashto, Russian and Ukrainian.  The program will be conducted virtually due to COVID-19.

    A crucial element of Newcomer Summer School is the counselor component, which consists of an hour for each student of transcript analysis, graduation check, career exploration, and Naviance navigation.

    The Newcomer Summer School Program will be offered to students entering 9-12th grades. Students in this program have “Level 1 or 2” ELPAC and have been in the U.S. two years or less.  Instructional focus will be on the English Language Development Standards and ELA Common Core State Standards. Virtual classes will be multi-aged and according to language proficiency or grade level. Classes will be canceled if enrollment is insufficient.

    Attendance Policy: Students who do not attend on the first day of their assigned session for virtual summer school will be dropped. In addition, once enrolled, 3 absences (attendance is taken two times a day) will result in the student being dropped from the program and no credit earned. One full day absences will be marked as 2 absences. On the third absence, the student will be dropped from the virtual summer school.

    Transportation: Sine the 2020 Newcomer Summer School is virtually conducted, this option is not applicatble.

    Registration: To register, download and fill out an application below. Applications are available in different languages. All applications must be reviewed and approved by the student’s counselor with a transcript attached. Counselors can also fill out and submit a google form to register thier eligible students. For the google form, please click here




    Virtual Newcomer Summer School Flyer


    Virtual Newcomer Summer School Application - English

    Virtual Newcomer Summer School Application - Dari/Farsi

    Virtual Newcomer Summer School Application - Pashto

    Virtual Newcomer Summer School Application - Arabic

    Virtual Newcomer Summer School Application - Russian

    Virtual Newcomer Summer School Application - Ukrainian



    San Juan Central, Room 17

    3700 Garfield Ave, Carmichael CA 95608

    Attention: Sayed Mansoor, sayed.mansoor@sanjuan.edu


    Ahmad Nimati, ahmad.nimati@sanjuan.edu



    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ahmad Nimati at 916-979-8684, ahmad.nimati@sanjuan.edu



Last Modified on May 21, 2020