• Guidelines for the Acceptance of Online Courses


    Limited online courses will be accepted for credit from institutions that carry an approved course list on the UCOP Course Management Portal https://hs-articulation.ucop.edu/ . The San Juan Unified School District accepts online courses to be taken for credit to make-up a failed grade, improve a grade, or accommodate an impacted schedule:


    Students, who desire to take an online course to make-up a failed grade, improve a grade or accommodate an impacted schedule, should receive approval from their school counselor prior to taking the online course.


    As a part of the approval process the school counselor will review the following:


    • The course requested is from an accredited agency and has A-G approval.


    • The course is in line with the student’s college career readiness plan.


    It is the first priority of the school district to accommodate students within the regular school day.


    To receive SJUSD approval, students should complete the Online Course Approval form and submit to the school counselor. The school counselor will then schedule an appointment to review the request. School administrator/counselor approval should be obtained prior to the starting the online course.


    Fees for online courses are billed and collected by the online provider and are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.



     Online Course Application



Last Modified on May 9, 2019