• Pleasantville

      Mira Loma High School has created a new school-wide experience known as Pleasantville. This time and culture specific event teaches students what it was like to truly live in the 1950's American Culture. This event is an International Studies Program centered project which pairs English, History and Art together. Students assume identities of peoples and persons of the 50's, dress, speak and present topics as they were understood in that time. There are spies, criminals, musical performances, games, exhibits and the originals of social movements that led to the Civil Rights and gender movements of the 1960's. 


    Students present 1950's suburbia   1950's cars on display


    Classes break into groups and choose their topic each year. This means that audiences can expect new booths each year and new interpretations of old booths. Teachers must sign up their classes to attend and are brought to the event via a fall-out shelter and are taught how to "duck and cover" to ensure their safety from a nuclear attack. 


    Muscial performances Elvis lives   Woolworth's Sit-in


    To see more photos of the event, please visit this link (click here)

Last Modified on January 22, 2020