• As I begin my fourth year as the principal of Cameron Ranch Elementary, I hold true to the beliefs that originally brought me in alignment with this incredible learning community - In unity, we honestly and authentically engage with our students, staff, families and learning partners to purposefully design learning spaces for all. Through this collaboration, we craft unique learning opportunities for our students to rise together.

    Students regularly engage in social-emotional learning development through creative programs, mindfulness, restorative conversations, and inclusive practices. Academics are aligned to individual students’ needs, with varied hands-on learning experiences, and targeted professional development opportunities, which are infused to support our learning culture.

    My wish is for everyone connected to the Ranch to get involved in our school for the collective purpose of supporting learning across campus and in every classroom and provide school activities that are engaging and exciting. To this end, I am personally inviting community partners, staff, families, and students to get involved in our campus community by joining CREATE (Cameron Ranch Elementary Action Teams for Education). Participation in the CREATE community has positive outcomes for our students, including increased family engagement and the opportunity to support the campus community through learning activities and special events.  

    Some of our popular CREATE teams support school assemblies, field trips, Garden of Learning, literacy night, the talent show, career day, the cultural fare, and more! One amazing CREATE outcome for all to see is the beautiful new Falcon Strong mural at the campus entrance. A special thanks to the Student Council who helped to fund and paint this work of art, along-side managing staff members! We are excited to support another community art project on campus this coming year with the help of our art teacher. 

    To learn more about CREATE, visit the CREATE space on the school website under the Activities tab, or call the front office to learn about ways to get involved in the Cameron Ranch campus community.

    I look forward to flourishing with you this school year!


    In partnership, 

    Aliceon Sloss, M. Ed.


    Cameron Ranch Elementary

  • Photo of woman with brown hair and glasses in black and white dress standing in front of a group of trees. Principal Aliceon Sloss



Last Modified on July 28, 2022