San Juan Unified’s Rapid Learner Program

  • Rapid Learner Excellence in education is when we do everything that we can to make sure they become everything that they can.
    ~Carol Tomlinson
     What is the Rapid Learner (RL) Program?

    The Rapid Learner Program is a specially designed program for advanced and accelerated elementary students. The purpose of the program is to meet the specialized needs of high-achieving students with respect to their cognitive development, their social development and their emotional needs. Students in the Rapid Learner Program may receive instruction above grade level in language arts and math. Teachers provide grade level instruction in science and social studies, as well as integrating a curriculum that is rich in depth, complexity and novelty. The goal of the three Rapid Learner schools is to allow high-achieving students to achieve their maximum potential in an environment with like-minded peers.

    The Rapid Learner Program is available to students in grades 2-5. Each classroom is self-contained which allows the students to spend the entire day with their cognitive peers.
    Who Can Apply for the Rapid Learner Program?
    Students who reside in the San Juan Unified School District and meet the qualifications have priority placement in the Rapid Learner program, however the application process is open to ALL students. 
    What Schools Offer the Rapid Learner Program?  
    The three Rapid Learner Schools, Del Paso Manor, Deterding, and Pershing Elementary, invite you to view their Rapid Learner websites. 
Last Modified on May 28, 2021