• FlexiSched Scheduling Program

    During the 2018-2019 school year, Mesa Verde High School implemented our intervention and
    enrichment period, FLEX. Needless to say, we learned a lot about the effectiveness of school wide
    intervention and enrichment, but we also became aware of areas for improvement. As a result,
    teachers and students collaborated and decided to keep our FLEX period going, but we knew we needed
    to change how it was operated. Primarily, we found that our FLEX period did not provide enough
    structure for our students and staff and we decided that FlexiSCHED would provide us with what we
    need. Here’s how it works:

    What is FlexiSCHED?
    FlexiSCHED is a scheduling program that gives teachers the ability to schedule struggling students to the
    support they need, while offering extended learning opportunities for the others. FlexiSCHED provides
    the teachers and the students with the ability to create an intervention and enrichment schedule that
    meets their specific needs.

    How does it work?
    1) Each teacher and student will have a FlexiSCHED log in (this will be their district issued email
    account and password).
    2) Teachers
         a. Teachers will create an intervention and enrichment schedule that will be available for students to
             “enroll” in during FLEX time. (Ex: A math teacher may have the following FLEX 
              i. Monday – Tutoring
              ii. Tuesday – Test Retakes
              iii. Wednesday – Open Study Hall
              iv. Friday – AP Support
                   ** Note: Teachers will have different offerings based on their teaching assignments and
                                  specific classroom needs.

         b. FlexiSCHED allows teachers to schedule (request) students to attend their intervention/enrichment
             FLEX period. When they do this, students will see the request 
    when they log in to their account to
             schedule their FLEX time. As a result of teacher 
    requests, students must attend the classes they
             are assigned to.

    3) Students
         a. Students will create their FLEX schedule during 2nd period on Fridays, which is an extended period
             to allow time to register.

         b. To schedule their FLEX schedule, students will use their SJUSD issued email and password to log into
             the FlexiSCHED program. They will see that some teachers have requested 
    them to attend their class,
             while other FLEX days they will schedule on their own. A FLEX 
    schedule cycle will run from Friday
             through the following Wednesday.

         c. After 2nd period on Friday, students will immediately report to their Friday FLEX classroom after the
            6-minute passing period. 

    FlexiSCHED Resources
    Overview of FLEXiSched: http://www.flexisched.net/

    An example of the student log in process and scheduling FLEX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbmL45K4EJ

    FLEXiSched Log-In Page: https://mesaverde.flexisched.net

    *Students will receive extensive training when they return on August 15*