• FlexiSCHED, FLEX Period, and the Bell Schedule

    1st Period: 08:15-09:36 (81 Min)
    2nd Period: 09:42-11:10 (88 Min)
    FLEX: 11:16-11:47 (31 Min)
    Lunch: 11:47-12:17 (30 Min)
    3rd Period: 12:22-01:43 (81 Min)
    4th Period: 01:49-03:10 (81 Min)

    1st Period: 08:15-09:37 (82 Min)
    2nd Period: 09:43-11:07 (84 Min)
    FLEX: 11:13-11:44 (31 Min)
    Lunch: 11:44-12:14 (30 Min)
    3rd Period: 12:19-01:42 (83 Min)
    4th Period: 01:48-03:10 (82 Min)


    FlexiSCHED Scheduling Process:

    **Students will schedule their classes every Friday. They will schedule their FLEX classes for
    that Friday and the following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Here’s how that works.

    1) During 2nd period on Friday, students will log into FlexiSCED using their cellphone or computers in
        the classroom. (notice that 2nd period on Friday is longer)

    2) Students will promptly select classes where they need the most support or find their time will be
        best utilized. You may notice that in some cases, teachers have requested 
    that you be in their class.
        In this case, you must attend their class during FLEX time.

    3) After scheduling their classes during 2nd period students will receive an email with their schedule that
        can serve as a reminder for their classes. Remember, your schedule will 
    be set for Friday, Monday,
        Tuesday, and Wednesday. It will then be reset Thursday, and scheduling will take place again on Friday.
        This process will continue throughout the