• Classroom Art Expectations


    map colors art


    1)  1) A completed pencil plan must be finished before ANY other art medium is used!

    2)  2) No “regular” pencil showing on final piece.

    3)  3) All projects must be completed with at least 2 art mediums unless otherwise stated in project expectations.

    4)  4) NO highlighters may be used, ever, on an art project.

    5)  5) Markers may only be used for outlines and filling in SMALL areas – do not color in large areas with marker, because they die, quickly, and then we are sad!

    6)  6) Plan out which types of mediums will work best for your project before beginning.  For example, small areas may need color pencil where larger areas work better for colored chalk.  Think       before you decide to color an entire page with color pencil, unless you have A LOT OF TIME!

    7)  7) If you can, use rulers or shapes to help you create a piece with dedication to neatness.

    8)  8) Speaking of neatness, your effort and neatness is a major portion of your grade for any art project.  As long as you try hard, you will be graded accordingly.

    9)  9) No tracing, no using clipart, because you are your own artist, and I want to see your art, not theirs.

         10) No binder paper – leave that for note taking.


    When possible – compliment the work of others – creating a piece of art can be very scary for many, and even small praise will go a long way!


Last Modified on August 20, 2019