Leadership Team

  • 24.04.1 School Leadership Teams
    The purpose of the School Leadership Team is to focus on the continuous
    improvement of site culture as defined by teaching, learning and the quality of

    Every School Leadership Team should operate collaboratively, model effective
    two-way communication, represent and be accountable to staff, involve staff in
    decision-making and support staff in the implementation of decisions about
    instructional practice. This includes (but is not limited to): curriculum and
    assessment consistent with Board policy, professional development, and school
    initiatives related to teaching, learning, and the quality of instruction.
    The District and SJTA agree to establish a Joint Committee within 45 days of the
    SJUSD Board approving this contract. The purpose of this joint committee is to
    explore interests and opportunities related to the development of a process that
    includes practitioner input into grade level assignments and provides feedback to
    practitioners related to grade level assignment changes at the elementary and K-
    8 sites. Non-binding recommendations of the committee shall be reported to the
    respective bargaining teams.

    24.04.3 Characteristics of School Leadership Team Members
    a. Focuses on the continuous improvement of teaching, learning and the
    quality of instruction schoolwide.
    b. Participates actively in broadening the base of leadership schoolwide.
    c. Helps develop a collaborative culture throughout the school.
    d. Models leadership for other members of the school community.
    e. Demonstrates willingness and/or the ability to facilitate open, candid, and
    effective lines of communication with colleagues, parents, and other
    members of the school community.
    f. Demonstrates mutual respect and trust among colleagues.

    24.04.4 Roles and Responsibilities of the School Leadership Team Members
    a. Leadership team members will actively support the decisions of the
    leadership team and/or the staff as a whole.
    b. Leadership team members will regularly attend leadership team meetings
    as scheduled by the team. These meetings will be scheduled with
    sufficient frequency to support the team’s work.
    c. Leadership team members will attend annual trainings for the purpose of
    developing leadership skills and capacity. These trainings may be held
    outside of the calendar year or outside of the school day.
    d. The leadership team will define tasks and duties among the team
    e. The leadership team will define norms for the team and for operating
    f. Leadership team members will represent and communicate with all
    members of the staff, not solely a specific department or grade level.
    This includes the development and use of effective feedback loops to
    elicit input from staff and other site level leadership committees to guide
    g. Leadership team members are responsible for implementation of
    decisions made, in consultation with the staff, that are related to the
    schoolwide continuous improvement of instructional practices (including
    curriculum and assessment consistent with Board policy.)
    h. Based on staff feedback, the leadership team will design and facilitate
    professional development and learning opportunities in the school aligned
    to district/school priorities.
    i. In consultation with the staff, the leadership team will coordinate,
    analyze and evaluate initiatives that are in alignment with the school
    board’s adopted goals and the school’s priorities.
    j. The leadership team shall establish inquiry practices within the school,
    including the securing of evidence and data, so that an environment
    conducive to analysis and student learning is created.
    k. The leadership team will have knowledge of the resources necessary for
    establishing a successful learning community.


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