Second Grade

  • Dear Second Grade Families,


    Second Grade communicates with families via E-Mail and Seesaw.


    Please open this PDF to view suggested school supplies for the 2021-2022 school year.

    Second Grade Suggested School Supplies 2021-2022 


    Ms. Digman and Ms. Sedin



    Second Grade Rocks!  In the second grade, students learn SO much. Students work hard all year long on writing longer and with more depth. They participate in shared research projects and like other grades, are always deepening their understanding of informational, opinion, and narrative writing.

    There’s a wide range of readers in the second grade and everyone starts from a different point. What’s the key word? GROWTH. However,  typically, second grade is the year that students are striving to start reading short chapter books like The Magic Tree House. Students are learning to decode complex vowel teams and solidifying their quick recall of beginning and ending blends like “bl” and “ng.”  

    In math, students learn addition and subtraction within 1,000, lay the conceptual groundwork for algebraic concepts and multiplication and division. Second Grade students are typically still working on their fine motor skills of hand writing and yet also starting to explore utilization of technology for learning in the classroom.

    At Schweitzer, Ms. Kogos and Ms. Digman support experiential learning through various field trips during the year and both teachers strive to make the classroom a welcoming, safe environment of growth, growth mindset, accountability, and compassion.

    Please visit their teacher pages for more information.

    If you are a parent or guardian, please contact them at or for questions or concerns.

Second Grade Rocks
Last Modified on July 12, 2021