Physical Education


    Dear Parents/ Guardians, 

    I would like to introduce myself as your child's physical education teacher.

    I graduated from California State University Sacramento where I received my Bachelors/Teaching Credential with an emphasis in Physical Education. 

    During the time I will be teaching Physical Education at Schweitzer, students will be given the opportunity to develop physical, social, and mental skills that will guide in learning how to maintain a healthy and active life.  They will be exposed to a variety of locomotor skills, movement concepts, rhythm and dance activities, and object manipulation skills.  I also want your child to demonstrate social skills that will develop responsibility and respect of others in various physical activity settings.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to educate your child in Physical Education in a fun and exciting manner.

    In order for students to perform in a safe and productive manner, it is important that your child is dressed appropriately for physical activity.  Students need to wear tennis shoes that have rubber soles and no cleats. All other shoes are not encouraged. Their clothes should be comfortable and easy to move in as well.  Children should wear shorts under their skirts. Your child will not be able to participate in class with unsafe or inappropriate dress for physical activity. If your child is feeling ill or has an injury, please send a written note to excuse them for the day.  Doctor’s notes are required for 3 days or more of not participating in P.E. 

    I look forward to this year and am excited to be teaching at Schweitzer Elementary. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.


    Thank you,

    Ms. Elizabeth Rodgers

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    This is just the TIP of the iceberg!

    If you need to reach me for any reason, my email is:


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