Need some Help with your classes?? Please see the resources below for more information.


    Del Campo Individual Tutors – Del Campo students who tutor all grades, all students, and in all subjects for a fee. Please visit the counseling office for the Tutor list.


    Need help in Math? – All math lessons are now available on-line at www.mrmathblog.com. Every class, every lesson.


    KhanAcademy.org – Help in all math subjects is available, as well as free SAT/PSAT prep.


    Google – Just type your math problem into the Google search site and it will give you help on how to solve it.


    Free online tutoring with Sacramento Public Library – visit www.saclibrary.org and click on Kids or Teens; click the Homework Help box; log in with your library card and password. Expert help with all subjects, K – 12 and college. You can also find a volunteer homework coach at a library near you: Please visit  www.saclibrary.org/homework.


    Tutoring @ Del Campo

    Monday - General tutoring 3:10-4:10

                    Math tutoring 3:10-4:10

                    Foreign language tutoring 3:10-4:10


    Tuesday - General tutoring 6:45-7:45

                     Math tutoring 3:10-4:10

                     Science tutoring 3:10-4:10


    Wednesday - General tutoring 3:10-4:10

                          Math tutoring 3:10-4:10

    For more details please visit https://www.sanjuan.edu/domain/647



Last Modified on October 10, 2019