• Integrated Math 3+: 335487

    Graduation Requirement; Meets CSU/UC “C” Requirement Grade: 9-12 (1 year)

    Prerequisite: Grade C or better in Integrated Mathematics 2+ 10 Credits

    Adopted Curricular Materials: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, California Integrated 3 and Larson/Cengage Precalculus

    DESCRIPTION:  Integrated Math 3+ is a yearlong course that is the final of the three Integrated Mathematics Courses and satisfies the Common Core State Standards for Integrated Mathematics 3 and Precalculus.  This course builds upon the Integrated Math 2+ Common Core Mathematics standards, includes all Integrated Math 3 standards, along with the inclusion of Precalculus standards. This course focuses on the following areas: creating and reasoning with equations and inequalities; interpreting and building linear functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions and trigonometric functions and their inverses; visualizing relations between 2-D and 3-D objects, translating between geometric descriptions and equations in conic sections, and applying geometric concepts to modeling situations; interpreting categorical and quantitative data, making inferences, and justifying conclusions; systems and matrices, polar coordinates and graphs, parametric equations and graphs, vectors and matrix operations and their applications; and complex numbers and their geometric interpretations; and trigonometric concepts, trigonometric identities and proofs, solving trigonometric equations, applying trigonometry to non-right triangles, and trigonometric graphs and their transformations both by hand and using technology for the more advanced functions.
    The pacing of this class is designed to prepare students to take all Advanced Math courses the following year, in particular AP Calculus.


    How students grades are calculated

    • Assessments 90%
    • Assignments/homework 10%
Last Modified on October 18, 2019