• Mathematical Modeling: 335479

    Graduation Requirement:  meets Mathematics requirement Grade: 9-11 (1 year), meets CSU/UC ‘G’ requirement (elective) but does not meet ‘C’ requirement

    Prerequisite: D or higher both semesters of IM1. 10 Credits

    Adopted Curricular Materials: Teacher identified resources 


    DESCRIPTION: The course provides an opportunity for students to enhance their development of standards for mathematical practice through a problem-based curriculum that includes a deeper understanding of some Integrated Mathematics 1 standards, an introduction to some Integrated Mathematics 2 standards, and applications of the National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education.

    Mathematical Modeling is a bridge course, developed by SJUSD teachers, for students who struggled in IM1, and need additional preparation before enrolling in IM2.


    How students are graded

    • Assessments 70%
    • Assignments/homework 30%
Last Modified on October 18, 2019