• World Relief Sacramento’s Welcome Club is an afterschool program that helps our English language learners thrive! Through teambuilding exercises, creative outlets, homework help, and sports; the Welcome Club helps the children learn at their own pace and discuss topics like honesty, integrity, and respect while practicing their English. To join the Welcome Club team you can pick up a registration form from the front office and contact Makayla Synak (msynak@wr.org).


    Welcome Club details:

    Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2:30pm-4:30pm


    Tuesday: Character Focus (4th-8th grade)

    • Character lesson
    • Teambuilding exercises
    • Homework help
    • Creative outlet

    Wednesday: Field Day (3rd-8th)

    • Character lesson
    • Sports activity


    students doing dropper experiment


    Children writing mothers day cards on carpet


    students playing soccer


    students doing an experiment together


    student cutting and doing art project


    students playing games