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  • The San Juan Unified School District is proud to serve more than 40,000 students in 65 schools and special education centers, preschools, and adult education programs in diverse northeast Sacramento County.
    We believe education is a partnership of families, staff, students and the community. Learn more about our mission here. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the district. 
  • FAQs: 


    What are the District’s priorities?

    The San Juan Unified School District has plans in place to guide our efforts and expenditures. You can learn more about them:

    District Strategic Plan: A five-year results-based plan developed through input from a cross-section of the community. 

    LCAP: The Local Control Accountability Plan is a new state requirement that helps allocate resources based on student outcome priorities.
    Most schools have their own individual Strategic Plans as well as a Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) developed by each School Site Council


    What is a school board?

    A school board is a group of elected officials that:
    • Hears the views of the public
    • Sets district policies and goals
    • Decides how to prioritize and spend the district's funds
    • Keeps in touch with other school boards and government bodies
    • Oversees employee relations
    • Approves contracts
    • Establishes curriculum and standards


    The Board of Education holds its regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise indicated). Public sessions begin at 6:30 p.m. in the board room of the district office, located at 3738 Walnut Avenue, Carmichael.
    PLEASE NOTE: To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and in alignment with health officials orders, board meetings held after March 16, 2020, will be held online until further notice. Please see remote meetings for more information.  The public is welcome and encouraged to attend board meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. You can also email the board or mail your letters addressed to:

    Board of Education
    San Juan Unified School District
    3738 Walnut Avenue, Carmichael, California 95608
    P.O. Box 477, Carmichael, California 95609-0477
    Family and community members are also encouraged to participate in one of our Community Advisory Committees or Board Advisory Committees, which provide recommendations to the Board on a variety of issues. 

    How are schools funded?

    School districts are funded through a mix of local property taxes, federal funds and state funds. State funds represent the largest share, and are distributed via the Local Control Funding Formula (or LCFF). Learn more about the LCFF here. Some schools receive federal funding to improve the education of disadvantaged students through a program called Title 1. The goal of the Title I program is to provide help to make school improvements and to assist students to their improve reading and mathematics skills.

    Who makes decisions in a district?

    The Board of Education makes final decisions on district-level policies and goals, but there are many stakeholders who play a role in the decision-making process at San Juan Unified, from the school site level to the federal level. 

    API? SARC? CAC? What do all these acronyms mean?

    We know education lingo can sometimes be confusing. Here is a handy guide to acronyms used in the San Juan Unified School District! (Also available in SpanishRussian and Ukrainian)
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