• Fall 2021 ARC Dual Enrollment Requests


    Dual Enrollment means that you take an online college class at American River College, while also enrolled at your high school. If you would like to participate in this program please contact your school counselor. 


    Please note that availability is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note the following items about this program.


    • This course will be taught by an American River College instructor.

    • This will be the a class on your college transcript and could impact your college GPA and FAFSA GPA verification starting in your second year of college.


    Potential Courses offered this Fall are listed below:


    • PSYC 300   General Principles  3 units.  This course provides a broad overview of general principles of psychology.  Topics include the scientific method, statistics, biological determinants, as well as general processes of behavior. CSU/UC Transferable
    • ENGWR 300   College Composition  3 units.  This course emphasizes writing and includes reading, research, and critical thinking skills essential for successful completion of a college degree.  Note:  HS transcript evaluations required to verify minimum cumulative GPA of 2.60 and 12th grade status. CSU/UC Transferable. This course earns 10 hs credits -English 4 equavalent .

    • DEAF 310  4 units. This is the first course in a series of five courses in American Sign Language (ASL). The instructional activities are based on an immersion approach, in which the learners develop language competency in source and target language. CSU/UC Transferable (Elective Transfer Units ONLY) Will meet A-G and 10 high school graduation credits.

    • MUFHL 308   Intro to Musics:  Rock and Roll   3 units.  This course examines social, political, cultural, and economic issues as they relate to the history of Rock & Roll music and includes guided listening and video presentations showing the evolution of Rock from its roots to current stylistic trends. No prior musical study required. CSU/UC Transferable. 


    Dual Enrollment with ARC

    • If you are interested in enrolling in a Dual Enrollment course, contact your School Counselor. Students who ultimately choose to enroll in a dual-enrollment course will need to:

      1. Enroll as an American River College student to attain a valid ARC student ID number


      2. Submit a signed parent permission form

      3. Have their School Counselor submit the student's name on the SJUSD interest form


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