• Meetings & Rallies


    House Meetings - Fridays @ 8:55-9:25

    A house meeting is just with members of your house. The purpose of House Meetings is:

    • to teach and practice the Northridge Essential 25
    • Engage in team building activities
    • Practice & create House chants
    • Support and lift each other up


    House Meeting Format: 

    Practice Chant
    Northridge Essential 25 Mini Lesson
    Practice Chant & Roll Call

    Designated House Meeting Areas

    House                      Area                                            Rain Area

    Tiyaga                      Between office and B Pod         B6

    Valeroso                  Between B and C Pod                Library

    Pativ                         In front of A1                             Room 24

    Astrologos               In B Pod courtyard                    Room 15

    Dobrota                   In C Pod courtyard                    MP Room

    Mahalo                    Grass outside of Rm 21            Room 21

    Rallies @ 8:55-9:25 (dates below)

    House rallies are when all Houses come together in the MP Room to:

    • Celebrate achievements
    • Do House Roll Call
    • Build school-wide community


    Friday, October 25
    Friday, November 22
    Friday, December 20
    Friday, January 31
    Friday, February 28
    Friday, March 27
    Friday, April 24
    Friday, May 22
    Friday, June 5