2020 Census

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    San Juan Unified is joining county, state and federal efforts in making sure that everyone is counted during the upcoming 2020 Census. The census is a count of all people living in the U.S. and takes place every 10 years. It is simple and confidential to complete. For the first time, you can respond online.

    You will receive a unique identifying number in the mail, which will allow you to fill out the online form beginning in March 2020. It will ask questions about your household such as how many people reside in your home, date of birth, race, and sex.

    Here are some things you should know:

    Your identity remains anonymous. Any personal information you provide on the census form is protected by law and cannot be shared with anyone or any other federal agency. Regardless of your immigration status, the information cannot be used against you or to invade the privacy of you or any members of your family.

    The Census is important. The Census is important because it helps to decide how much federal money our schools will get over the next ten years, and how much money our state will get for our parks, neighborhood improvements, public health, transportation, and many other programs and services. In California, over $7 billion in federal funding supports school programs such as school nutrition, after school, special education, English Language Learners, Native American students, farmworkers, youth experiencing homelessness, and Head Start programs.

    The Census is safe. All the data collected through the census is protected under Title 13 of the U.S. Code. Records are confidential for 72 years by law. All U.S. Census Bureau employees swear a lifetime oath to protect respondent information. The U.S. Census will never share a respondent’s personal information with other government agencies. Data is only released in summary tables; no individual records are released. 

    What do you need to do? Complete the short and easy form online. If you don’t have a computer at home, you can use one at a library. You can complete the census three ways: by mail, by phone or online. The census is available in multiple languages both online and over the phone including in Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

    Your kids count, so make sure to count them when you fill out the census form in Spring 2020!


    This information is available in Spanish, Arabic, Farsi-Dari, Russian and Ukrainian

Key Dates

  • March 12-20: Invitations mailed

    March 16-24: Reminder letters mailed

    March 26-April 3: Reminder postcards mailed

    April 1: Census Day

    April 8-16: Hard copy census mailed

    April 20-28: Final postcards mailed before an in-person follow-up

    Don't delay! Be sure to fill out your census form before April 30.