By-Trustee Area Elections Updates

  • Board approves revised trustee area map

  • NEW: Draft maps for redistricting process now available for public review

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    In the summer of 2021, San Juan Unified transitioned to by-trustee area elections after the Board of Education approved a map that reflected seven trustee areas. Since then, 2020 census data has been released showing growth in several regions of the district. As a result, the recently approved map must be adjusted to accommodate for changes found by the Census. 

    Determining Trustee Areas

    Trustee areas must be roughly the same size in terms of the number of inhabitants. Using the 2020 census data, a demographer will generate maps that balance the size of each area along with requirements to ensure protected classes of voters are not divided in a manner that would make it more difficult for them to elect candidates of their choice or influence the outcome of an election. Within this scope, the demographer may also take into consideration local conditions such as major roadways, natural barriers, and other factors. 

    Trustee Area Map Options

    Proposed maps can be viewed at and feedback can be submitted online at

    Sharing Your Voice

    There are multiple opportunities and avenues for members of the community to share their feedback on the proposed maps. 

    Public hearings and/or comment sessions will be a part of each meeting of the board. Any individual can provide up to a two-minute comment, either in-person or remotely. Meetings related to redistricting are planned for Dec. 14, 2021, Jan. 25, 2022, and Feb. 15, 2022.

    On Jan. 5 and Jan. 6, the district will hold community meetings, offering the opportunity to learn more about the process, review proposed maps and provide feedback that will be shared with the board for their consideration. 

    Members of the community can also submit written feedback at any time throughout the process using this form.

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