• Our school practiced lockdown procedures on Tuesday March 10th.

    Our lockdown began at 1:55. District safety staff and local law enforcement were on campus to assist as our students and staff practiced our lockdown procedure. Once everyone was secured indoors, we moved to a shelter-in-place drill status and staff members led students in a discussion of what they can do to stay safe in an emergency situation.

    Our drill ended at 2:10 and our normal schedule resumed.

    Today’s drill and discussion were carefully crafted to help build student confidence and knowledge of what they can do to stay safe while minimizing any anxiety. Every student may process the idea of school safety, and potential dangers, differently. If your student expresses any signs of stress, please let us know so that we can ensure they are supported.

    Parents and guardians are receiving this update via our mass notification system and being provided with a summary of today’s activities and important information they should know if an emergency were to ever occur.

    A big thank you to our students, staff, district Safe Schools team and local law enforcement who participated in today’s event. Thank you for helping build a safe school community.


    UPDATE 1: The lockdown drill has now moved to a shelter-in-place drill. During a shelter-in-place, students and staff are secured inside but instruction and normal operations continue. During our shelter-in-place portion of today’s drill, teachers and staff are leading students in a discussion of what they can do to stay safe during an emergency situation.

    We will provide further updates on today’s drill as they become available.

    UPDATE 2: The lockdown and shelter-in-place drill has concluded. All students and staff have resumed their normally scheduled day. Parents/guardians will receive an update this evening summarizing today’s drill and sharing more information about lockdowns and how they are used to help keep our students and staff safe.

    This will serve as our final update.

Last Modified on March 10, 2020