• Songs and Resources: Part 2

    Songs to Sing

    Hunting We Will Go

    This Old Man

    (note: words ard a little different than our version, so sing either version!)

    Games to Play

    Bounce High Bounce Low

    Game: Sit in a circle with as many people as possible. Sing the words while holding a ball, at the end of the song, say someone's name and then pass the ball. You can choose to bounce, roll, or toss it to the person. Play until everyone went twice.

    Hickory Dickory Dock

    Game: Find something that makes a noise that sounds like a tick tock of a clock. Have one or two people (either children or adults) play the beat with the instrument while making the tick tock noise with their tongue. The others sing the song twice. Then switch parts. See how many things in the house can sounds like a clock.

    Songs to Dance/Move to

    Come along and walk with me

    Game: In the room, play follow the leader starting with come along and walk with me. Then change it to come along and jump with me, or come along and run with me. Change the verb and see how many versions you can do.

    Johnny Get a Haircut

    Game: everyone sings the song and mimes scissors with fingers. One person gets to be the barber. They ask the other people playing how they want their hair cut, either short or long. Then the barber pretends to cut their hair by pretending their fingers are scissors and keeping the beat. Take turns



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  • Songs to Sing

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    Games to Play with Parents/Siblings

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    Game: sing the song while passing a penny from hand to hand, when the song ends sneakily put the penny in one hand and have the other person guess.

    • I Spy with my Little Eye 

    Game: The game is just like the original game, but they sing the words

    Game: take something wallet shaped (or a wallet) and while nobody is looking, hide it in the room. Someone then opens their eyes and goes looking for the wallet, sing louder as they get closer and quieter as they get further away (like hot and cold) 

    Game: If you have a few people in the house, make a seated circle. Echo the words while walking around the circle (as if playing duck duck goose) and at the end of the song, tap someone’s head and run around the circle while the other chases, trying to get to their spot.

    • Mabel Mabel

    Game: Make a seated circle, and pick a type of food (vegetables, snacks, etc) and chant “Mabel Mabel, set the table, don’t forget the _______” each person goes around filling in the blank with something. It gets faster as it goes, if you can’t think of a word, or you repeat something someone else said, you’re out! Continue till one person is left.


    Songs to Dance/Move to

    (Click the links below to go to a youtube video)


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