• Songs and Resources: Part 2

    Songs to Sing

    Three Blind Mice

    Challenge: sing three blind mice while someone else sing Frere Jacques

    Circle to the Left

    (there is a movement game for this too, but for this week, just sing!)


    Games to Play

    Who's that Tapping at the Windows

    Game: One person is the guard and they go away from the group with eyes closed. Choose on person to be it. That person will sing I am tapping at the window I am knocking at the door when the song is done. The guard then comes back and guesses based on that person's voice.


    Game: Do the movements from the video in a circle. Choose one to be the leader, that person walks around the circle and when the song says "Jingle at the window tideo" you stop and give that person a high five when our voices go high.



    Songs to Dance/Move to

    Come along and walk with me

    Game: In the room, play follow the leader starting with come along and walk with me. Then change it to come along and jump with me, or come along and run with me. Change the verb and see how many versions you can do.

    Down to the Baker's Shop

    Game options: for this song, you can either find your own home instruments and play on hop hop hop or you can hop when you say hop. If you choose to hop, you can change the way we get to the bakers shop each time (run, drive, etc)



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  • Songs to Sing

    (Click the underlined song titles below to go to a youtube video)


    Games to Play with Parents/Siblings

    Game: sing the song while passing a penny from hand to hand, when the song ends sneakily put the penny in one hand and have the other person guess.

    Game:  Make a seated circle, and pick one person to be it. That person walks around the circle of people (however many you can find in your house), while everyone sings with their eyes closed. The one who is it drops a fake letter (could be anything, or even a real envelope) sometime throughout the song. When the song is done everyone opens their eyes and the one with the letter tries to catch the one who dropped it, going around the circle either way. The one who was it tries to get to that person’s spot before being tagged.

    Game: If you have a few people in the house, make a seated circle. Sing the words along with the song, when you say Hop, tap someone and they follow you. When the song stops, try and get to a spot (as if playing musical chairs) the one remaining is it for next round.

    • Ali Baba

    Game: Make a seated circle, and pick one person to be the guard, and that person goes away and closes eyes/ears. While they’re away, one person remaining in the circle becomes “Ali Baba” the king of thieves. This person makes patterns (patting knees, shoulders, etc) while everyone else in the circle tries to copy. They keep changing the pattern and the guard tries to figure out who the leader is. While you pat, you chant “Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.” If they guess right, the guard chooses the next guard, if they choose wrong, Ali Baba chooses.


    Songs to Dance/Move to

    Activity: practice by yourself or with a partner the hand signs shown in the video. If you do it with a partner, make sure you wash your hands!

    Activity: one person is chosen to be it. The person who is it goes in the middle or in front and when the words say “What can you do?” the person who is it gets to do whatever they want. When the words say “we can do it to” everyone must do what the one who was it did. Then when the words say “who do you choose” the one who is it chooses the next one to be it and it continues.

    • Four Beats After

    Activity: One person makes a 4 beat pattern of all one type (pat pat pat pat, or clap clap clap clap). After 4 beats, they change the pattern and everyone does it. The trick is that you have to wait 4 beats and repeat what they did, not what they’re currently doing. The game stops when they cross their arms in an x and stop the beats.

    Activity: Practice the hand signs alone, then practice with a partner, if hands touch make sure that you wash hands!


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