• Songs to Sing

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    Games to Play with Parents/Siblings

    Game: sing the song while passing a penny from hand to hand, when the song ends sneakily put the penny in one hand and have the other person guess.

    Game: Sing the song and then say everyone’s name. At the end of the song sing “here we go a mixing up a mixing up a mixing up, oh here we go a mixing up to find a new spot” then jump into the name portion. During those words, change where you sit to make a new order of names.

    • Drum/Beat Circle

    Game: If you have a few people in the house, make a seated circle. Take whatever you can find that makes a sound and take turns making rhythms. Everyone echos the rhythms. Once everyone has made a rhythm, pick one and loop it, everyone tries their rhythm together then start over.

    • Ali Baba

    Game: Make a seated circle, and pick one person to be the guard, and that person goes away and closes eyes/ears. While they’re away, one person remaining in the circle becomes “Ali Baba” the king of thieves. This person makes patterns (patting knees, shoulders, etc) while everyone else in the circle tries to copy. They keep changing the pattern and the guard tries to figure out who the leader is. While you pat, you chant “Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.” If they guess right, the guard chooses the next guard, if they choose wrong, Ali Baba chooses.


    Songs to Dance/Move to

    Activity: practice by yourself or with a partner the hand signs shown in the video. If you do it with a partner, make sure you wash your hands!

    Activity: Practice the hand signs alone, then practice with a partner, if hands touch make sure that you wash hands! If you have enough people, try both version at the same time!

    Activity: Sing the song for one and ate a bun. Then Sing when I was two, and you get to make rhymes for all the other numbers.

    Activity: Sing the song while doing the increasing difficulty patterns shown in the video. At the end, do it again without the words. 


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