Learning at Home

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    Check the school's Google Classroom for updates (class code: 5fzvk77)

    How to use Parent Portal.

    How to update contact information in Parent Portal.

    Here's a list of academic and family resources from the counseling department.


    Distance Learning schedule

    Monday & Wednesday
    9:00-10:00   1st period class
    10:30-11:30  3rd period class
    1:00-2:00  5th period class

    Tuesday & Thursday
    9:00-10:00  2nd period class
    10:30-11:30  4th period class
    1:00-2:00  6th period class


    Staff Contact Info

    Teacher name Subject(s) Communication methods Phone Remind Zoom Additional notes for families and students
    Ms. Allenbaugh School Counselor Email, Google Classroom       If families and/or students email me, they can leave their phone number and I will call them back directly.
    Ms. Barrie Special Education Math and English Email, Google Classroom       Please check google classroom Math and Reading Support Classrooms starting March 18th for enrichment activities! Please email me through my email or google classroom for any support!
    Ms. Basques PE Email, Google Classroom       Students should still be aiming to get one hour of physical activity daily, I will be posting home workout ideas to Google Classroom!
    Ms. Brizzi 7th Grade English Email, Google Classroom       Check out Sac Library Resources like Libby
    Mr. Caplan 6th Grade English, History Email, Google Classroom       I will be contacting families through email and Google Classroom with updates
    Ms. Chapman 6th Grade English, Social Studies, AVID Email, Google Classroom       I will be and already have sent emails via google classroom with office hours and basic information. I’ve included several free educational apps, and websites that they can access during this time. I’ve also emailed students with google classroom assignments and other information. They can access me through Instagram too.
    Ms. Chiodo RSP History Email, Google Classroom        
    Ms. Cooper 8th Grade English, History Email, Google Classroom        
    Ms. Day English, History, AVID Email, Remind, Google Classroom, Class Instagram @learning_with_mrs_day  

    Periods 1/2: @dayscore19

    Periods 3/6: @dayshonors.

    Period 4: @daysavid19

      All enrichment activities and messages will be in Google Classroom. Please check here each morning at 8:30 am for a new activity/enrichment.
    Ms. Esquivel 7th Grade Math, Technology, Computer Science, Media Email, Google Classroom, Remind   Accelerated Math 7/Period 2 only, https://www.remind.com/join/72kff4    
    Mr. Fischl 8th Grade English, History Email, Google Classroom, Remind   https://www.remind.com/join/mrfischls   I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Please join google classroom, the remind app, or email me.
    Monica Guyot Special education, speech and language services Email, Phone or Google Voice 916-426-3529



    Ms. Harper 6th and 7th Grade Science Email, Google Classroom       Families: Teachers are working on the implementation of virtual office hours to support reading, review and enrichment for students during the closure
    Mr. Jackson 6th Grade Math, Science Email, Google Classroom        
    Mr. Le 8th Grade Math, Student Government Email, Phone or Google Voice, Google Classroom 916-761-9677      
    Mr. Lindgren 7th and 8th Grade Math Email, Google Classroom, Remind  

    Period 2 Math Foundations: hhcbke Period 3 Math 7: 3dd446 Period 4 Math 7: ag6ea3 Period 5 Math 7 : e3fec8 Period 6 Tutorial: c4g97a

      I am putting links to enrichment and I am putting one page of review work in my Google classroom to start things off. I will provide the answers to that work tomorrow along with one page of new review work. This may change with feedback from parents or students.
    Ms. Macklem 7th and 8th Grade Science Email, Google Classroom       Please check Google Classroom for items to review, for enrichment, or suggestions to read. Stay healthy and I hope to see you soon!
    Mr. MacPherson Bike Repair and Small Gas Engines Phone or Google Voice, Email 916-806-2060     Please let me know if you are in need of help, by either email or phone. Be safe, be healthy and I will see you when we get back. Be healthy, Be safe. See you when we can meet again. Mr. Mac
    Mr. McCrory PE Email, Google Classroom        
    Ms. McMahon 7th Grade English, History Email, Google Classroom        
    Genoveva Mendoza Navarrete English Learner support Email, Phone or Google Voice 916-979-8681    
    Ms. Metz SDC-ILS Email, Phone or Google Voice       Please reach out with any questions or concerns
    Ms. Keiser 8th Grade History, English Email, Google Classroom       Stay safe and READ
    Ms. Munger Arts Integration Email, Phone or Google Voice 916-517-8630     Go to https://pin.it/7mpRqy1 for Mrs. Munger's Pinterest board full of links to art enrichment. My Google Classroom is brand new, and the code is 4yxjm4y
    Mrs. Narula 6th and 7th Grade Math Phone or Google Voice, Email, Google Classroom, Remind 1-530-305-3488

    Period 1 Math 6 https://www.remind.com/join/23df48

    Period 3 Math 6 https://www.remind.com/join/4chfa

    Period 4 Math 6 https://www.remind.com/join/a87382

    Period 6 Math 7 https://www.remind.com/join/6kkf7a

      Please check Google classroom and Remind everyday for updates.
    Mr. Northcutt 6th Grade Math, Science Email, Google Classroom        
    Dr. Palmer
    MTSS Student Support Services/ SEL Support Email, Zoom   https://brandman.zoom.us/j/8096882416   Please Send an E-mail in order to request a Virtual Zoom Conference
    Mr. Plumb 8th Grade Math Email, Google Classroom       I will begin from the start of the school year and provide review materials to prepare for the upcoming smarter balance testing.
    Ms. Preston School Counselor, School Nurse Email       I am available from 8:30 - 10:30 am, and 12:30 - 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday to assist with meeting student, staff and families social emotional needs. I can also assist with connecting families to community resources.
    Ms. Reed 8th Grade English, History Email, Phone or Google Voice, Google Classroom 916-300-2960     Please reach out if you need ANYTHING!
    Ms. Remedios Art Email, Google Classroom        
    Ms. Rymsza 7th Grade Math, Technology Email, Phone or Google Voice, Google Classroom 916-426-6879      
    Ms. Sassano 6th Grade English, History, ELD Email, Google Classroom        
    Ms. Snyder 8th Grade Science Email, Google Classroom        
    Meghan Wright Social Worker Email, Phone or Google Voice 916-235-3813    
    Mrs. Zerr 6th and 7th Grade History, Drama Email, Phone or Google Voice, Remind, Google Classroom 209-975-7081‬ @zerr6 (ancient history), @zerr7 (world history), @zerrdrama (drama)    
Last Modified on April 9, 2020