Dress Code


    Dress Code

    The school district reserves the right to insist that the dress and grooming of students stays within the limits of generally accepted good taste. Students shall be required to show proper attention to personal cleanliness and neatness of dress and appearance. The purpose of the Dress Code is to facilitate a strong educational environment and ensure the safety and well-being of all people on campus.

    Any clothing/hairstyle or writing that distracts from the educational environment, makes others feel unsafe, or promotes negative/illegal behavior will not be tolerated. Clothing that is associated with gang attire or group intimidation will not be allowed at any time.


    • Pants MUST fit appropriately, worn at the hips or higher
    • Absolutely NO sagging - Pants must fit at the waist. 
    • No pajamas
    • Shorts and skirts MUST meet the "mid-thigh" length guideline (5 to 7 inches above knees) even with leggings worn underneath.
    • Under garments must not show at any time.

    Shirts and Tops

    • Tops must not expose midriff/torso/cleavage/undergarments, i.e. tank tops, see-through/mesh tops, spaghetti straps, halters, etc.
    • Tank Tops/Muscle Shirts must be at least 3 fingers wide at the shoulders and have NO large openings on the sides.
    • Shirts must have appropriate messages on them. No violent pictures.
    • Under garments must not show at any time.


    • Shoes must be worn at all times.
    • Flip-Flops, slip-ons, roller shoes, and slippers are not allowed.
    • All shoes must have a back strap.


    • Ball caps must be worn forward and must be removed upon entrance to any building.  No sweatbands / bandanas.
    • Hoods and knit caps may only be worn during inclement weather, and must be removed inside any building.
    • No bandanas 


    • Jewelry must be free of inappropriate messages, spikes and metal studs.
    • Clothes and wallets must be free of hanging chains.
    • Hair and Make-up must not distract from the learning process. No make-up K-5.


    Dress Code Violations

    Students who are not compliant with dress code will be asked to call home or will be given appropriate clothing if available to change their attire.

    Offenses may result in disciplinary consequences. 


Last Modified on November 25, 2019