My Family

My Family

  •             The first time I officially “taught” a class I was around 23 years old and found myself substitute teaching for a bunch of 1st graders at a school not even one mile from where I grew up. I remember being nervous that first morning because I didn’t know what to expect, or if I could handle the formidable task of being a teacher. At age 23 I was always looking for the next job and a friend suggested that substitute teaching paid pretty well. So I took the plunge, took the “substitute teacher test” and managed to get myself in front of the 1st graders on that fateful day.

                If you had asked me about being a teacher back when I was a student in the 1970’s (I graduated in 1980) I would have scoffed at you, maybe even been insulted a little bit. Teachers were, well…teachers. Being a teacher wasn’t even on my radar back when I was public school student myself. But, I enjoyed that first teaching assignment so much that I ended up subbing again and again over the next several years. By the time I was in my early 30’s I decided to settle down and officially earn my teaching credential and begin my full time career as a public school educator. That was in 1995.

                My early years in college resulted in a Bachelors degree in Psychology in 1984 followed by an English degree a few years later. My official, full time, regular teaching career began in the fall of 1995 as a high school teacher in the Bay Area. I hold both a Single Subject and a Multiple Subject Credential and in 2009 I earned both a Masters degree and an Administrative Credential. Over the span of my career I have taught at all three school-levels (elementary, middle, high) and across many different subject areas.

                I am a family man at heart, having been married for 23 years to a wonderful wife who has given me two terrific children. I like to work around our house, growing, fixing or building stuff, and I generally lead a pretty reserved lifestyle. I spend most of my efforts being a teacher during the week and a husband/father the rest of the time. I am a baby Boomer, born in 1962, and a product of one the finest educational systems in the country at that time; maybe that is another reason I became a teacher.

                After 25 years my teaching philosophy has evolved to center around three concepts: the empowerment of each individual student, providing students with an engaging classroom environment, and assembling a rigorous and practical curriculum that meets the needs of an ever changing world. I’ve never regretted choosing teaching as my life’s career. Being in front of a class everyday has given me a wealth of wonderful experiences and allowed me to spend my time with young people, watching them grow academically and emotionally, all while really enjoying their company. I will always be eternally grateful.