• Here you go! You can do it!  

    Getting Started:

    When you first get your page, on the opening page - choose New Page

    Choose Flex Editor

    Name your page. 

    Hit Save and Continue

    Click on the blank black Flex Editor App box says Content  (This is where you click to access your page.)

    This brings up a blank page for you to write on, add content etc. 

    Hover over the tool bar at the top to see all of the possibilities.

    There is no font choice. Or emojis  ;-( 

    The only way to change the size of the font is with the headings button

    Write your content, copy and paste from other sites. 

    Add links: 

    I use the insert link that looks like a two link chain on the top tool bar to insert a link:
    On your flex editor page: to add a link:
    copy a link, paste it on your page, highlight it, (I use the share button to bring up a link to copy that I want on a youtube video):  https://youtu.be/LjMffHG1V_Q
    hit the insert link icon on the tool bar above,  and on the page that comes up
    choose web address in left side bar which will bring up a small web address box. 
    Paste your link in that small box. 
    In the small box below that web address box, Write what you want the link to say (The Cat came Back )  
    Make sure Open in a New Window is clicked
    Click on insert at the bottom of the page and it links it automagically. 
    Make sure you save when you go back to the page you are working on
    At the top of the working page, ABOVE the green top margin, hit view website to check to go to your page to see if the link works. Most of the time, it does. Sometimes, not. Best to check
    You can not click on the link to check when you are on your working page - you have to go to your website. 
    You can go to your website by clicking there anytime you want to check what how it looks. Just remember to hit save first.
    That's the barebones! 

    The Cat Came Back

    You can do it! 



Last Modified on March 30, 2020