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    • Look for shorter videos
    • Check out the YouTube Education Channel
    • Watch the whole video before showing in class
    • Search channels rather than the entire site
    • Find videos to complement lessons, not the other way around
    • Have a way for students to “engage” the content


    YouTube restricts videos available to students who are signed into their education accounts (such as sanjuan.edu). this includes videos teachers have created and uploaded to YouTube for their classes and videos that they have found on YouTube for their students to watch. Technology Services is currently adding all teachers to the group of users who can approve educational videos so that students can watch them. Please watch the 10-minute video​ below to learn about the process of approving videos and some important considerations. Please note that the quiz mentioned at the end of the video is not required at this time.


    • ​In order to approve videos,  you must be signed into your San Juan account. Once signed in, search for the video you are trying to approve. When you find it, click on it to open or play it and if it hasn't already been approved, you will see the blue bar with the approve button below the video window. 
    • If it is a video you created and uploaded to YouTube, just find it in your channel, open it as if you were going to watch it, and you will see the blue bar with the approve button below the video window. 



    Video:  How to approve YouTube videos

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Last Modified on November 30, 2020