•                                                    Screencastfy vs Screencastomatic


  • ScreenCastify


    • Free*
    • You can share it easily with your friends.  
    • Highlight specific areas using your mouse. 
    • Drawing tools while recording. 


    • The free version is limited to 5 minutes only.
    • The free version lets you record up to 50 videos per month. 
    • The free version puts a watermark on the recorded video. 
    • You can’t export the video in an MP4 format. 

    * Teachers:  Free premium version available during closures. Email Sloan for code and details.


    Video: Getting Started w/ Screencastify

    Getting Started with Screencastify


  • Screencastomatic


    • Free.
    • You can trim videos. 
    • The free version lets you record up to 15 minutes while Screencastify allows you to record a maximum of 10 minutes only. 
    • You can record as many videos as you want. 
    • The paid version has an automated Speech to Text feature. 
    • You can export the video in an MP4 format. 
    • They have an iOS version (free) so you can use it on your iPhone or iPad and send the recorded video to your desktop computer for editing. 


    • You can’t draw while recording, unlike Screencastify. 
    • The free version records up to 15 minutes. 
    • Editing is limited in the free version.


    Video: Screencastomatic Tutorial


    Uploading to Google Drive

    Uploading to YouTube

    Saving as a Video File - Saves onto your computer and is great for posting to a website or emailing

    Uploading to Screencastomatic - Requires you to get a free account, but allows you to store it on the site


  • How to

Last Modified on April 10, 2020