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    Edpuzzle is a great video resource to use when flipping a lesson or for personalizing learning. This easy-to-use site allows you to upload a video, crop it if necessary, and insert questions. When students watch the video, it will pause and not allow them to continue until they have answered a question. The questions can be open-ended or multiple choice.

    With Edpuzzle, students can rewatch a section of the video if they are unable to answer the question.  It allows students to watch the video at their own pace.

    EDpuzzle can not only help you create videos but it can also help you:

    • Grade The Students When you create your video lecture and add assessments, you can also include a quiz at the end of the lecture. In this way, you can grade the students and see their progress if they completely understand the lecture or not.

    •  Check The Progress You can not only check the progress of their understanding but you can also see which students are watching videos and which students are not.


    How to register for Edpuzzle:


    • All registered teachers are already taken care of and upgraded to Pro.

    • New teachers should register to Edpuzzle via this unique link for your school to get automatically upgraded as well:


    • Training: Our resources page will help teachers get started and get the most out of Edpuzzle: https://edpuzzle.com/resources. Edpuzzle recommends:

      • Edpuzzle and Google Classroom 101 webinar

      • Edpuzzle and Google Classroom Level 1 teacher course


    Helpful tips for using Edpuzzle with Google Classroom

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Edpuzzle Slide Show

Edpuzzle - Bonus Video

Intro to Edpuzzle

Creating an Edpuzzle Account

Finding a Video on Edpuzzle

Adding Content in Edpuzzle

Embedding Questions into an Edpuzzle

How to Grade an Edpuzzle

Last Modified on August 26, 2020