PDF and document annotation app

    With Kami, teachers can share PDF files with students, and students can annotate the files via track pad or keyboard shortcuts using several different features, including Highlight, Add Text, Draw On, Add Shapes, and more. Users can either upload PDF files from their computer or from Google Drive, or create blank documents or assignments via Google Classroom. Kami automatically saves all files as they're uploaded, so this is a great option for teachers who want to go paperless. Teachers can also merge PDF files so that students can work with multiple files on one screen.

Tips for Students

  • Students:

    • Students must be signed into their Chrome browser with their SJUSD accounts. Learn how to sign in to Chrome and turn on the sync.
    • The Kami extension has already been installed on staff accounts and managed Chromebooks. Students using personal devices may need to install the Kami extension. Remind them to be sure they are signed into Chrome browser with their SJUSD accounts.
    • When students first open the assignment, they may see 3 vertical dots on the far right that they have to click. Select "open in a new window.”
    • In the top center of the window, choose "Annotate with Kami." The assignment will re-open in Kami, with the toolbar for adding text, audio comments and other annotations.
    • What can students do on a Kami assignment?
      • Students can add audio comments
      • Students can use highlight and underline tools to annotate
      • Click and drag a word in the text to highlight it and attach a comment
      • Sgtudents can use voice typing on text comments
      • Students can use drawing tools
    • Sample instructions to put in the assignment in Google Classroom:
      • Install extension to non SJUSD devices
      • Click the Kami assignment  to open it
      • Once it opens, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner and choose "Open in a New Window"
      • After it opens, move your mouse to the top center of the window above the pdf and you will see “Open with.” Click on that and then choose "Annotate with Kami." Follow the instructions provided on the document in order to complete the activities.

Using Kami in Google Classroom

Kami Tutorial

Last Modified on September 1, 2020