• Edulastic

    • Assessment tool for all subjects- automatic grading with an answer key.
    • This tool can populate your class from Google Classroom and also post assignments.
    • There are previously created assessments and the ability to create your own assessment. Use the filters to find assessments in your grade level, for a particular standard, or that teachers at your site and within your district are using.

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  • Pros and Cons



  • Top Ten Reasons

    10) Autograding

    We know that grading is time intensive! With Edulastic you can spend less time grading and more time teaching. Autograding also provides you with the option to share immediate results with students or wait to share results until the entire class has complete the assignment. Either way, immediate insights are a win-win for everyone.


    9) Instant Data

    Register for a free Edulastic teacher account to begin exploring Edulastic’s reporting features including the Mastery Report, which is pictured here.

    As a teacher, we understand it’s your responsibility to monitor student progress. Edulastic’s student reports enable teachers to view student progress in an organized dashboard. The dashboard helps teachers pinpoint which concepts or disciplinary core ideas need more instructional time. The dashboard can also quickly reveal which students might need additional support. With item and standards analysis already complete teachers save time on reports!

    Admins also can have access to instant data! This past year we took reports a step further and launched Edulastic Enterprise. This premium option grants administrators their own dashboard with student reports across classes and schools.


    8) Customizable

    We know that teachers aim to align their assessments to their lessons- one size doesn’t fit all! Over 30+ tech-enhanced question types provide strong options for question delivery. Find and customize pre-written questions, write your own questions or mix-and-match. Edulastic empowers teachers to truly craft their testing or worksheets in a way that provides the educational experience they want their students to have.


    7) Item Bank

    The bottom line is: The question item bank saves teachers time crafting questions.  We understand that writing questions for an exam can take hours. Save time by drawing from more than 20,000 pre-written questions in our item bank. The Edulastic partnership with Key Data System provides premium users the option to add on a large array of high-quality, pre-written questions including PARCC and SBAC-like questions. Options available to all Edulastic users include Edulastic Certified assessments and questions published by other educators publicly, within your district, or within your school. If you’d like, you can personalize pre-written questions and remix your own assignment to suit your classroom needs.


    6) Works with Google Classroom

    For a smoother digital experience, Edulastic integrates with a variety of platforms including Google Classroom, Google Docs, Microsoft Office 360 and Canvas. Google Classroom integration enables teachers to easily sync classes and share assignments with a single sign-on. Integration with Canvas provides access to Edulastic assignments right within the LMS. These integrations provide a seamless learning experience for teachers and students alike!


    5) User Friendly

    Teachers are consistently telling us how Edulastic is user-friendly and intuitive. One teacher said, “I have been using it and [have] no need for a walk through as you have made it seamless and easy to use!” Our goal is for teachers to seamlessly navigate the platform and not waste time with technological glitches or poor website design. Because Edulastic has such great ease of use, some educators have even gone so far as to call it “fun!”


    4) Multimedia Capabilities

    With Edulastic, teachers can create powerful learning experiences by incorporating videos, audio files, and images into their tests. Uploading multi-media is simple and can really spice up a test for students. Whether you are a math teacher looking to make algebra more interesting with a YouTube video or a science teacher looking to have student’s label a diagram of a cell, Edulastic’s multimedia capabilities allow teachers to make learning and tests more engaging and memorable learning experiences for students.


    3) Collaborative Community

    Edulastic is full of creative and talented teachers. With teachers creating and sharing new assignments every week, the assessment library continues to grow. Teachers have the option to like, rate, and personalize pre-existing assignments, allowing stronger assignments to rise to the spotlight.


    2) Personalized Support

    We care about our teachers and admins! Our ears are open and we are consistently working with our educator community to make the app the best it can be. Our team is available and supportive to user needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve our users with celerity, a great app, and great service!


    1) Free Forever

    We’ve said it before and we’re saying it now. Edulastic is free forever for teachers. As a teacher, you will always be able to access the app and use it in your classroom for no cost. We stand by this and look forward to serving you for years to come!

Last Modified on April 29, 2020