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    Google classroom offers some great options for assessment within the platform itself.  You can create a question (short answer or multiple choice) to use as part of a lesson, create an assignment (graded or not) where students can post their work, or create a quiz using Google Forms (multiple choice, short answer, drop down, and a linear scale). The addition of Pear Deck can really jazz up your assessments!

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  • Prevent Cheating in Google Forms


    Ask a Variety of Questions

    Variety of Questions

    • Sequence questions - use the "checkbox grid" question type to ask students to sequence or arrange items in a list.
    • Matching questions - use the multiple choice grid question type to create a matching question (great for vocabulary quizzes!)
    • Reading Passage - use the title/text element to add a short reading passage. 
    • Video question - have students watch a video and then answer questions about it (great for math and world language. 
    • Image question - images can be used as the question stem or question choices (great for science, math, social studies, and elementary students)
    • Free response / short answer - If a student can answer all of the multiple choice questions correctly, but can't articulate 2-3 sentences on the same topic...something is wrong.


    Turn on Lock Mode

    Turn on Lock Mode


    Use the Shuffle Order Option

    Shuffle Order

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    Getting Started


    1. Install the Pear Deck add-on for Slides
    2. Use the add-on to add pre-made interactive slides to your presentation
    3. And /or use the add-on to add interactive elements to existing slides
    4. Use the add-on to present the slideshow with Pear Deck
    5. This will give you a join code that your students will type in at http://peardeck.com/join
    6. And that's it! You can now run the slideshow and your students can interact with it.


Increased Engagement using Pear Deck

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Last Modified on August 20, 2020