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    2019-2020 Calendar 

    All members are responsible for printing their own paperwork from this website.  Copies will not be handed out at school.  If you have difficulty downloading the necessary pages please contact Mrs. Pool or Ms. Velasco.
    What is the Spartan Honor Society?

       The Spartan Honor Society is an organization that encourages students to model superior community service, academic excellence, and outstanding citizenship while working towards a Silver Spartan Award, the highest award a student can earn at Arcade Middle School.  All students who participate in the program are models of excellent citizenship both inside and outside the classroom and keep a grade point average of at least 3.0.  The program is open to 6th, 7th & 8th grade students.  Students may choose to work on the following areas:

    • Academic Excellence
      • Maintain a  3.0 or higher GPA for eight quarters.
      • No “D” or “F” in any class for eight quarters.
      • No “NI” or “U” in citizenship for eight quarters.
    • Athletics: participation in either school or community sports - 16 hours and  6 competitions/exhibitions/tests.
    • Club Membership: either school or community - 16 hours
    • Community Service: outside of the school system - 16 hours
    • Leadership: in student government or school/community clubs - 16 hours
    • Outstanding Participation: in a particular class at Arcade - 6 quarters teacher signature required.
    • Public Performance: involving music, theater, art, dance - 16 hours of practice/rehearsal and 6 public performances/art shows.
    • School Service: as a teacher or staff assistant, or service to the school outside of class time - 16 hours

    Are you interested in working to receive your Silver Spartan Award?  These are the steps to follow:

    • Attend Spartan Honor Society Meetings (at least 12 per year).
    • Fill out Goal Sheets for each of your chosen goals.  Upon completion of the activity submit a Petition.
    • After you have completed at least seven petitions you will be able to join the list of possible candidates to be honored at the Silver Spartan Awards Ceremony.
    • Write a short essay and obtain a letter of recommendation from a teacher before you participate in the Silver Spartan Awards Ceremony.  You will also need to select a special teacher sponsor.
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