Dive into Science!


     Dive into Science!

    2021-2022 Science Materials List


    1. Compostion Book Please look for college ruled 200 pages/100 sheets. 

    2. Pencils Please come prepared with more than one pencil.  

    3. Highlighter A great tool for annotating text. The color is your choice!  

    4. Colored Pencils A box of 12 should be enough!

    5. Glue Stick or Tape One large gluestick or roll of tape.  Replace as needed.

    6. Pencil bag or box To hold all of your supplies!



    Available to borrow in class, but most students like to have their own. 

    1. Headphones or Earbuds 

    2. White Board Marker 

    3. Scissors 


    Additional Classroom Donation Requests

    1. Kleenex

    2. Disinfectant Wipes

    3. Sticky Notes




Last Modified on August 1, 2021