Elementary & K-8 Distance Learning

  • For the fall of 2020, San Juan Unified's distance learning model for elementary and K-8 schools will feature a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning activities. Students will receive daily interaction with teachers and student peers as well as weekly time for specialty instruction in art/music/PE, designated English language support, special education services and intervention or differentiation as required. 

Instructional Time

  • Teachers at a school will work collaboratively to schedule weekly specialty instruction time (music, art, or PE), designated English language development instruction, special education services and intervention/differentiation time within the instructional time noted below. Total instructional time will not exceed the length of a regular school day.

    TK & K

    • Minimum 180 daily minutes of total instruction 
    • Minimum 45 minutes daily synchronous instruction

    Grades 1-3

    • Minimum 230 daily minutes of total instruction
    • Minimum 55 minutes daily synchronous instruction

    Grades 4-6 (self-contained, i.e., students do not switch between teachers)

    • Minimum 240 daily minutes of total instruction
    • Minimum of 65 minutes daily synchronous instruction

    Grades 6-8 (departmentalized, i.e., students DO switch between teachers)

    • Minimum 240 daily minutes of total instruction  
    • Minimum of 15 minutes per day of synchronous instruction per course. 
    • Teachers will create consistent weekly schedules for the daily synchronous instruction

    Specialty Instruction (Art, music, PE, etc.) 

    • A minimum of 3-4 classes per day will receive synchronous lessons for a minimum of 20 minutes per class.
    • Three classes per day receive asynchronous learning.

    All minutes listed for daily total instruction include both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. 

Elementary Schedules

  • Individual classroom teachers will contact families with specific set weekly schedules for synchronous activities. Schedules will reflect and incorporate specialty instruction time in art/music/PE and support instruction. 

    Each elementary school will start and end its day according to its established bell schedule for the 2020-2021 school year. Check your school's website for its bell schedule.