• Take the San Juan Equity Pledge

  • Recent events across our nation have targeted the African American/Black community and they reflect the institutional systems of thought and behavior that harm other groups as well. When systems cause harm to specific groups, the damage affects the entire community.  This is why responsibility for changing the school climate at this time must not fall on African-American students, families, and staff alone. Every member of our San Juan Unified community can respond by pledging to make lasting change. We cannot fulfill our mission of achieving educational justice if our campuses are unsafe and unwelcoming to Black, Indigieous, People of Color (BIPOC) students, faculty, staff, and community, or if we fail to educate all San Juan Unified students for success in a diverse twenty-first-century world.

    What can you do to contribute to lasting change? We invite you to join San Juan Unified employees and administrators in pledging to take action to make lasting change.

    The Department of Equity and Student Achievement will follow up by email with specific information and resources to support you.



    Sign the San Juan Equity Pledge of Support 

  • Kent Kern, Superintendent

    Trent Allen, Executive Director

    Melissa Bassanelli, Deputy Superintendent

    Diana Marshall, Administrator

    Lori Vine, Administrator

    Debra Calvin, Assistant Superintendent

    Holly Cybulski, Administrator

    Kate Hazarian, Administrator

    Ana Quininez, Certificated

    April Dalto, Certificated

    Angela Luna, Certificated

    Mary Stokke Vides, Certificated

    Laurie Gold, Certificated

    Stephanie Bimson, Certificated

    Melissa Chambers, Certificated

    Sue Crossman, Certificated

    Openn Kotecki, Certificated

    Rebecca Frederickson, Certificated

    Aliceon Sloss, Administrator

    Ana Segoviano, Certificated

    Jenifer Cox, Certificated

    Lisa Lockmiller, Certificated

    Joshua Stinson, Certificated

    Roxanne Stellmacher, Certificated

    Mirna Jope, Certificated

    Elizabeth Gibson, Certificated

    Cristina Burkhart, Administrator

    Nicole Pefley, Certificated

    Michelle Toro, Certificated

    Stephanie Bill, Certificated

    Becky Stewart, Certificated

    Natalie Rioux, Certificated

    Cindy Kent, Administrator

    Tima Burgess, Certificated

    Sherok Mersal, Classified

    Natalie Rioux, Certificated

    Marlo Snyder, Certificated

    Tracy Lucus, Certificated

    Lita Jacome, Certificated

    Bob Baker, Certificated

    Cassiopia Barker, Certificated

    Virginia Dorman, Certificated

    Jennifer Lawson, Administrator

    Beth Crews, Certificated

    Dianne Roenicke, Certificated

    John Hasdovic, Certificated

    Anthony Osburn, Certificated

    Tracy Lucus, Certificated

    Elizabeth Burton, Certificated

    Sheena Halseth, Certificated

    Shannon Whitaker, Certificated

    Rich Carlson, Certificated

    Martha Alicia Gutierrez, Certificated

    Andrea Tagore-Barnett, Certificated

    Tracy Dozier, Certificated

    Bill Simmons, Certificated

    Christina Allison, Administrator

    Frith Gladdis, Certificated

    Moorea Camin, Certificated

    Allie Russell Cramer, Classified

    Stephanie Mackey, Certificated

    Eric Anderson, Administrator

    Debie Trotti, Classified Employee

    Pa Dipad, Administrator

    Lynne Koerner, Administrator

    Matthew Rowland, Certificated

    Leonore Walker, Classified

    Lisa Ezekie, Certificated

    John Aquino, Certificated

    Amy Rovai Gregory, Administrator

    Dave Nobis, Certificated

    Janna Robin, Certificated

    Kate Elliott, Certificated

    Diana Nordin, Certificated

    Kyle Vogt, Certificated

    Nancy Pelley, Certificated

    Cory Bishop-Olivares, Certificated

    Kayla Chambers, Certificated

    Heidi Jones, Certificated

    David Godby, Certificated

    Alisa DeLutri, Certificated

    Paula Jordan, Certificated

    Alison Pierce, Classified

    Alsion Fellos, Certificated

    Kevin Dawidczik, Certificated

    Keri Dunn, Certificated

    Jay Lottes, Certificated

    Rich Hale, Certificated

    Michael Chavez, Certificated

    Dorrthee Kenworthy Covey, Certificated

    Delia Falcon, Certificated

    Kaitlyn Scott, Certificated

    Caitlin Stroup, Certificated

    Lisa Euwing, Certificated

    Mary Lund, Certificated

    Kimberly Medina, Certificated

    Tina Gehrer, Certificated

    Alicia Williams, Certificated

    Glennis Miller, Certificated

    Jennifer Tejeda, Certificated

    Justine Carlson, Classified

    Allyson Kremer, Classified

    Lisa Child, Certificated

    Firouzeh Shabestari, Classified

    Lorraine Showen, Certificated

    Tamara Hance, Certificated

    Allison Kozel, Administrator

    Dawn Lastra-Manning, Certificated

    Toodyann Duenas,Certificated

    Miroslava Garcia, Classified

    Allie Russell Cramer, Classified

    Andrea Mowry, Classified

    Terri Fasuyi, Certificated

    Molly Silva, Certificated

    Julie Klinger, Certificated

    Olivia Rios-Acuna, Certificated

    Phyllis Needelman, Classified

    Ardath Ferris, Classified

  • Takoa Raney, Administrator

    Amy Day, Certificated

    Sara Freeman, Certificated

    Maria Livingston, Classified

    Dave Spence, Certificated

    Nellie Darnell, Certificated

    Anne Hotz, Certificated

    Rebecca Mackin, Certificated

    Kaitlin Barrie, Certificated

    Leslee Cottrell, Administrator

    Jenny Rikkers, Certificated

    Teresa Burke, Certificated

    Karen Smith, Classified

    Nellie Darnell, Certificated

    Vanessa Adolphson, Administrator

    Vicky Velasco, Certificated

    Doris Wong, Certificated

    Julie Abrams, Certificated

    Sheri Wride, Certificated

    Deanna Victor, Certificated

    Project Optimism, Community Partner

    Brenda Grueneberger, Certificated

    Armoni Easley, Community Member

    Jessica Harrison, Certificated

    Heather La Rue, Certificated

    Elisa Elisa, Classified Employee

    Christine Teachout, Certificated

    Maggi Beardsley, Certificated

    Corinne Poirier, Administrator

    Tracie Locke, Certificated

    Laini Manley, Certificated

    S. Hutton, Certificated

    Anne Hotz, Certificated

    Jessica Katz-Amey, Certificated

    Linda Stokes, Certificated

    Karin Springer, Certificated

    Kei Tilander, Certificated

    Cassandra Trevino, Certificated

    Beth Hein, Certificated

    Vanessa Adams, Certificated

    Michael Zysk, Certificated

    Cristina Burkhart, Administrator

    Tresa Imahara, Certificated

    Terri Thacker, Certificated

    Robin Durkee, Certificated

    Cassie Bennett Porter, Administrator

    Emily Marchant-West, Certificated

    Charmen Goehring, Certificated

    Jacqueline Walker, Certificated

    Jim Parr, Certificated

    Bob Bake, Certificated

    Judi Nisbet, Classified

    Jessica Katz-Amey, Certificated

    MARK EVANS, Classified

    Mary Garrison, Certificated

    Tiffany Miles-Loveridge, Certificated

    Wendy Lane, Administrator

    Konstantina Caster, Administrator

    Jamie Jun, Certificated

    Cheryl Dultz, Certificated

    Aaron Gardner, Classified

    Alyssa Ferguson, Certificated

    Jennifer Pearce, Certificated

    Leslie Wriston, Administrator

    Katie Zylstra, Certificated Employee

    Dana Levy, Certificated

    Maureen James-Pendleton, Administrator

    Cassie Bennett Porter, Administrator

    Molly Sutherland, Certificated

    Christina Williams, Certificated

    Amy Ellison, Certificated

    Laura Enos Grover, Certificated

    Katy Blackmon, Certificated

    Ashlyn Neely, Certificated

    Lisa Begay, Certificated

    Catherine Kite-Arba, Certificated

    Gianfranco Tornatore, Administrator

    Esteryln Murray, Certificated

    Regina DiPlacito, Certificated

    Jessica Duncan, Certificated

    Brian Nguyen, Classified

    Jeannie Broyles, Administrator

    Kristine Miller, Certificated

    Lillian Altaian, Certificated

    Julie Moon, Certificated

    Susan Iratene, Certificated

    Gracie Beireis, Certificated

    Katherine Allgood, Certificated

    Stephanie Vega, Certificated

    Karen Tobey, Certificated

    Karina Fielden, Certificated

    Lara Moborez, Classified

    Emily West, Certificated

    Charley Armenta-Serrao, Certificated

    Katie Hill, Certificated

    Arnold Klapheck, Certificated

    Kelly Williams, Certificated

    Jair Morales, Certificated

    Diane Elliott, Certificated

    Angelica Anaya, Certificated

    Alison Webster, Certificated

    AmberGlaze, Community Member

    Melissa Benke, Classified

    Angela Fulton, Certificated

    Kylie Frost, Certificated

    Kim Overholt, Certificated

    Nadia Pella, Certificated

    Jim Price, Certificated

    Julie Garrett, Certificated

    Brendan Kearney, Certificated

    Crista Young, Certificated

  • Lesley Leatherwood, Classified

    Nicole Davis, Family Member

    Kimberli Heck, Certificated

    Nicole Kukral, Administrator

    Ross Mele, Certificated

    Elvira Alonso, Certificated

    Beth Wahl, Administrator

    Anna Grace, Certificated

    Melissa Lawrence, Certificated

    Amanda Wynn, Certificated

    Teresa Witters, Certificated

    Kyle Ferreira van Leer, Certificated

    Tanya Baker, Administrator

    Lisa Payne, Classified

    Frith Gladdis, Certificated

    Jennifer Landice, Certificated

    Carissa Lagasca, Certificated

    Kenyon Armbrust, Administrator

    Alastair Muir, Certificated

    Danielle Sassano, Certificated

    Cyndi Otero, Certificated

    Katie Fabel, Classified

    Maria Godoy, Classified

    Leslie Olaya, Certificated

    Cynthia Davis, Certificated

    Karen Lack, Certificated

    Jaclyn Loewe, Certificated

    Joyce Long, Certificated

    Tara Melavic, Certificated

    Jennifer Flores, Certificated

    Margaret Terzich, Administrator

    Brianna Hennessy, Certificated

    Skye Anderson, Certificated

    Vanessa Liby, Certificated

    Lisanne Floyd, Certificated

    ANGELINA KIER, Certificated

    Nancy Mancour, Certificated

    Sarah Skubic, Certificated

    Joseph Applebaum, Certificated

    Kristen Longchamps, Certificated

    Beth Holcomb, Administrator

    Michelle Toro, Certificated

    Danielle Barbot, Certificated

    Charity McKune, Certificated

    Nicole Virtue, Classified

    Joyce Bernhoft, Certificated

    Kamari Guinn, Certificated

    Thomas Prieto, Certificated

    Sharon A May, Certificated

    Dana Molony, Certificated

    Billie Seekins, Certificated

    Stephanie Jackson, Certificated

    Natalia Aguirre, Classified

    Jessica Lauder, Administrator

    Lisa Ruzicka, Certificated

    Rachel Abbott, Certificated Employee

    Jennifer Nelson, Administrator

    Kimberly Patalingjug, Administrator

    Kimberly Klippel, Certificated

    Brandalyn Nevin, Classified

    Sunny Lofton, Administrator

    Baljit Jhatu, Other

    Kevin Galvez, Certificated

    Joann Day, Administrator

    Laura Enos Grover, Certificated

    Kari Nichols, Administrator

    Greg Snyder, Administrator

    Kristen Miller, Certificated

    Lisa Ezekiel, Certificated

    Roxanne Tursi, Certificated

    Cliff Kelly, Administrator

    Christy Yates, Administrator

    Heather Shaw, Certificated

    Salli Scott, Certificated

    Juliann Wolney, Administrator

    Kelly Bonaventure, Certificated

    Todd Busby, Certificated

    Kathy McConnell, Classified

    Emily Greene, Certificated

    Vicky Warren, Certificated

    Teresa Tolbert, Certificated

    Alexis Paulus, Community Member

    Madeline Hemmen, Classified

    Alysia Knapp, Certificated

    Terri Sherman, Certificated

    Julie McKay, Certificated

    Jennifer Montas, Certificated

    Jennifer Herbert, Certificated

    Kari Vanerstrom Dittmer, Administrator

    Carolyn Becerra, Certificated

    Danielle Cardenas, Certificated

    Baylee Spencer, Certificated

    Matt Sumpter, Certificated

    Sam Fegan, Certificated

    Roberta Wahlbert, Certificated

    Emily Scribner, Certificated

    Kim Minugh, Certificated

    Mitch Evett, Certificated

    Whitney Disney, Certificated

    Laura Davis, Administrator

    DeAnna Krenecki, Certificated

    Lisa Lunardi, Certificated

    Pirkko Amaral, Certificated

    Rosalie Luttrell, Certificated

    Kim Peth, Classified

    Bailey Cameron, Classified

    Christena Nihart, Certificated

    Priscilla Godina, Classified

    Alluria Smith, Classified

    Emily Graham, Certificated

    Kimber Rice, Classified

    Christie Waldron, Certificated

    Shirley Marlatt, Certificated

    Rene Mikluscak, Certificated

    Erica Larsen-Stare, Certificated

    Anabelle Manalo, Certificated

    Cindy Aguilar, Classified

    Joseph Fernandez, Certificated

    Cynthia Carrion, Certificated

    Tamara Payseno, Certificated

    Lavaughnna Carter, Certificated