Supplies List



     Mrs. Cova's Supplies List

    6th & 7th Grade Ambassador English and History: 

    While we are Distance Learning, we are suggesting the following items are available for student use at home.  These supplies will also be used when return to Traditional School.


    We understand that finding a quiet and productive work space at home is not always easy, but we hope that you are able to dedicate a space to your learning while we are not in a traditional classroom.  Try to limit distractions in this space when possible; this includes sounds, toys, phones, and clutter.  Having a clear routine and schedule, as well as a  clear work space, will help you be successful during this difficult time.


    * Student Computer - laptop or desktop (personal or SJUSD Chromebook - tablets and smart phones will not suffice for Distance Learning)

    *Large 3-Ring Binder (Zipper Binder preferred - especially once returning to campus)

    * Subject Dividers (one divider per class for organization)

    * pencils/erasers/pens (I do not have a preference with the writing tool used for    regular daily assignments - Final Projects will have specific guidelines for completion)

    * art supplies - color pencils, crayons, and markers suggested

    * black Sharpies - one fine point, one ultra-fine point

    * ruler

    * white construction paper - OR - white printer paper (any size)

    * two composition books - college rule is best (one for English and one for History)

    Christina Cova
    Winston Churchill Middle School
    6th Grade & 7th Grade Ambassador English/History
Last Modified on August 5, 2020