• Dear 6’er students and families, 


    Welcome to Churchill! We are so excited to begin your middle school journey with us, you are in good hands.


    To say this is a difficult time for all of us is beyond an understatement.  We have been pulled and pushed in so many directions within our personal, professional, and emotional lives.  


    As this pandemic continues we need to be reminded often that we are in this together.  With the news of Distance Learning coming to us [teachers/staff] at the same time as the public, we were just as shocked and unprepared as the rest of the state.  


    It is important for us to understand that there are numerous obstacles that we are all trying to maneuver through and overcome.  These may be emotional or health struggles, daycare/childcare, working from home, or being an essential worker in the field; the list is endless.   An open mind and obtainable expectations are extremely important as we ride this next wave of Distance Learning.  


    We have been teaching for 14 years (6 of them together at Churchill), yet this year it feels like the first as we try to rework projects and directions, balance workload and expectations and then on top of it all, try to schedule time and help for our own families and children in school.  


    Our number one goal as we start this nebulous school year is to get familiar with our students, build a safe community of learners, and help guide them through our standards. Rigor is always a priority, but this year our pacing will look different. Having patience with your student as well as yourself will help in this transition.


    The list of unknowns is immense and knowing that we have your support and understanding through this time as well as the knowledge of world-wide struggles will help us collectively succeed.  


    Please do not hesitate to contact either of us with questions or concerns. 


    Erin Sims:  erin.cassadysims@sanjuan.edu

    Lyndsay Lewis:  lyndsay.lewis@sanjuan.edu

Last Modified on August 10, 2020