Credit Recovery & APEX Information

  • The APEX classes provieded in Credit Recovery allow Mesa Verde students to complete additional classes outside of their typical school schedule. Students may want to complete APEX classes in order to:

    • Earn additional high school graduation credits if they are deficient
    • Retake a class (or a segment of a class) to replace a "F" grade
    • Retake a class (or a segment of a class) in order to meet A-G standards
    • Free up space in their course schedule because they are involved in a loaded Mesa Verde program (i.e. AVID or Business Academy)


    If you are interested in taking an APEX class, speak with your school counselor regarding your goals and which course would be best for you. School counselors are the only staff members who can enroll a student in an APEX course

    Available APEX Classes


    How to Access Your APEX Class

     APEX courses MUST be accessed through your student portal. Visit and enter your Student E-mail address and Password

    New Log In

    In the new portal home page that appears, click on the "Clever Educational Applications" icon. 

    Clever Icon


    In the Clever folder, click on the "Apex Learning" tile. This will take you to the APEX site.  

    APEX Icon


    Here is  your APEX Dashboard. All APEX courses you are enrolled in will be here.

    If you do not see any classes, then you have not yet been enrolled into a class.

    [If you were in an APEX class, then you have been dropped from the class because you have not done any work in the class for over a week]. 

    My Dashboard

     APEX Class Resources


    The course homepage is where you can access all the instruction ("Study") modules, as well as assignments, quizzes, and unit tests ("CST"). 

    However, the menu in the top right of the page is a good place to access resources, such as a list of key terms.

    Note: Many of the questions on quizzes and tests relate to key terms. By writing these down in your notes and using your notes on quizzes and tests, you are more likely to pass the exams the first time through

    Course Homepage

    The "Resources" link is a hidden resource that can help prepare for quizzes and tests


    APEX provides a master list of all the key terms used in the course. 

    Key Terms



Last Modified on June 14, 2021