PTA Frequently Asked Questions!

  • What is PTA?

    PTA stands for Parent-Teacher Association. The PTA is the oldest and largest child advocacy association in America. At our school, it is a formal organization comprising parents (and other family members), teachers and staff. The PTA helps organize hard-working and dedicated volunteers to implement school improvement programs, raise money to support those programs and to fund student enrichment opportunities (e.g., Red Ribbon Week, Special Assemblies).

    What is the difference between PTA and a PTO or other parent support organizations?

    PTA is a national organization. Green Oaks PTA is autonomous and is supported by a national structure. The national PTA provides legal and financial support and, as affiliates of the National PTA, we receive reduced insurance rates. We are not politically affiliated with the national PTA. PTO, HAS, PCC, PTSA, and other independent parent groups, are completely independent; much like Charter Schools. Although there is a National PTO organization, it does not provide the resources that the National PTA provides. Also, PTO insurance rates are much higher.

    What is the difference between PTA dues and Classroom Contributions/Donations?

    PTA dues are divided between the National PTA organization and Green Oaks. 2019/2020 school year PTA dues for Green Oaks are $10.00 per member. $5.00 is payable to the National Council and $5.00 stays with Green Oaks to help fund PTA-sponsored programs including: Jog-A-Thon, Fall Performance, Box Tops rewards, Art Guide Program and many other school activities. The Classroom Contributions/Donations stay with the class for which they were donated to help offset expenses the teachers personally incur for supplies not covered by San Juan School District. These contributions may be used to reduce overall costs for field trips and help fund special class projects and events. The faculty and PTA appreciate your support!

    How can I get involved in the Green Oaks PTA?

    From formal board positions to working from home or behind the scenes to organize and facilitate events – there is a place for you. Your level of involvement is up to you. We are always in need of board members and committee directors. We also need people to help support those committees. Anything you do - whether obtaining donations for an event, making copies of flyers or helping mastermind an entire project – counts as volunteer hours.

    Why are volunteer hours so important? Why should I take the time to report them?

    Without volunteers, Green Oaks could not sustain PTA-sponsored programs for the students. It is important to log your volunteer hours because they are reported to the District each school year and are factored into Green Oaks’ scores/school ratings. 

    I volunteered as a Committee Director - What do I do next?

    Thank you for stepping up! Please work with the PTA Board to schedule your event (if not already assigned) and obtain faculty approval for your plan. We recommend forming a team to help orchestrate the event. The PTA Board members are available to support you.

    How do I advertise my event (may I send home flyers in homework folders)?

    All materials must be approved by the PTA Board and designated faculty representatives. Please draft your material and submit to the Board for review and approval through email to with the due date and request clearly labeled in the email subject line. The PTA Board will help coordinate printing and placement of the materials in the faculty inboxes for distribution through homework folders. Please reach out to a Board member for assistance.

    How do I know if my event is PTA-funded?

    You may inquire with the PTA Treasurer at:

    How do I get reimbursed for pre-approved expenses?

    If you have approval to spend money for a program or classroom event, you may submit a request for reimbursement form, available in the office (cabinet under the front counter - door on the right), or online at:

    Complete the form (including a note from the teacher if the expense is to be covered from classroom contributions), attach the appropriate receipts and place in the Treasurer slot in the same cabinet where you located the form. The Treasurer will process your request and issue a check within 10 business days of approval/receipt of completed forms.

    How do I obtain a cash advance for approved PTA-related expenses?

    Please complete and submit a request for cash advance, available in the same cabinet listed above and online at:

    Where do I leave items for PTA (e.g., requests for reimbursement, money for deposit)?

    Requests for reimbursement or advance may be placed in the Treasurer’s inbox. Monies for deposit must be placed in the locked black PTA box in the front office or the office safe. For other items (e.g., merchandise donations for an event), please contact a PTA Board member directly.

    Who has access to the locked black PTA box in the front office?

    The PTA Board Financial Secretary has access to the locked PTA black box. The Financial Secretary (or their designee) may open the box with another PTA member present.

    I have an idea I would like to share with the PTA Board. What should I do?

    We welcome all ideas! Please email or attend a PTA meeting to share your idea – we will add you to the agenda. You also may talk with a Board member. We all are VOLUNTEERS doing the best we can to support a positive Green Oaks experience for students, teachers, parents and guardians. We thrive on synergy and respect. Please contact a Board member directly or through the above email if you have questions/ideas. We will respond as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your contributions to the Green Oaks community.

     Without YOU there is no Parent in PTA.

Last Modified on August 20, 2020