• Construction art Fund Raising

    How do we fund our enrichment programs? 
    Rather than ask our students to sell candy or wrapping paper, or participate in any door-to-door sales, each year we ask our parents to contribute through our Friends of Green Oaks (FOGO) Program.  
    Green Oaks PTA Fundraising campaign under construction! We are happy to announce that as a PTA we are looking into changing up our fundraising campaigns! We are still working out some of the details at this time, but we will let you know what we’ve been working on as soon as it’s ready!In the meantime, if you are able to contribute any amount of money to the PTA (like we normally ask for FOGO) to help pay for class expenses and school programs, please read below for how to donate. Thank you so much for your support! Donate via PayPal/Credit Card: Visit our website at https://greenoakspta.wixsite.com/greenoakspta/support-us and click “Donate” Donate via Cash or Check: Make checks payable to    Green Oaks PTA and either mail to or drop off at the school. (Please detach and include the completed form below)


    2020-2021 PTA Donation

    Drop off or mail to: Green Oaks Fundamental, 7145 Filbert Ave., Orangevale, CA 95662

    Student Name(s): ____________________________________________________________________________

    Student Grade(s) & Teacher(s): ______________________________________________________________

    Donor Name: ________________________________________________________________________________

    Circle one: Cash Check

    Amount Enclosed: $ __________________________________________________________________________

    On behalf of the Green Oaks PTA – thank you for your continued support! Contact us at greenoakspta@gmail.com for more info!

Last Modified on August 20, 2020