• Fund Raising

    How do we fund our enrichment programs? 
    Rather than ask our students to sell candy or wrapping paper, or participate in any door-to-door sales, each year we ask our parents to contribute through our Friends of Green Oaks (FOGO) Program.  

    FOGO – Friends of Green Oaks Incentive Program

    The PTA revised the FOGO Program, last year, and there are some fun and fashionable incentives AND the opportunity to earn a homework pass for your student. Please read the PTA Welcome Packet (available in the office) for details on all things PTA, and remember, the PTA supports numerous enrichment programs for Green Oaks and ensures our students do not have to participate in door-to-door fundraising. FOGO is one of our largest fundraisers and we need your support!


    PTA Membership
    Green Oaks Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

    The PTA Welcome Packet includes the PTA membership envelope and information. If you return the envelope, whether or not you join, your student will earn ten Beaver Bucks – please complete and return as soon as possible. The first 200 people who sign up will also receive, with their membership card, free ice cream at Leatherby's. Five of the ten dollars for membership supports Green Oaks directly and the other five are dues for the National PTA, ensuring reduced insurance rates and additional benefits for our school. For additional details, please refer to the PTA website at: www.pta.org

    Use the following links and/or promo codes when purchasing or shopping online with the following, and Green Oaks earns money:

    Global Winter Wonderland Tickets:
    Use this promo code: GWWGREENOAKS when purchasing Global Winter Wonderland tickets at Cal Expo this year (https://globalwonderland.com/), and Green Oaks receives 15% of your purchase amount!
    Note: Promo code is only valid with online ticket sales.


    Use this link to make purchases on Shutterfly and the school will get back 8% of the purchase:  www.Greenoaks.ShutterflyStorefront.com

    Amazon Smile:


    Choose Your Charity:

    Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary PTA

    Location: Orangevale, CA

    Make sure you use the smile.amazon.com link every time you shop!

    That's it – it really is that simple!
     Amazon Smile fundraising x`

    These other fundraising opportunities bring funds to our school for doing things you would be doing anyway.....like shopping. These are our "Free Money" fundraising programs.

    Box Tops

    Box Tops for Education
     Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Box Tops competition and turned in their Box Tops by last Friday. The top three classes will win a popsicle party! Keep collecting and stay tuned for details on the next competition. Traditional Box Tops can still be submitted during this transition to digital.  The new Box Tops, which say “no more clipping, scan your receipt,” do not need to be physically turned in.  Download the Box Tops app and scan your receipt within 14 days.  To receive credit for your child’s classroom for digital submissions, please enter a note under "credit" in the app with your teacher and child's name.  Box Tops has been an amazing fundraiser for our school.  Last year we collected 20,574 Box Tops which amounts to $2,057!  Thank you all for your support and contribution to this wonderful program. 


    Thank you for keeping the FREE MONEY coming to our school! If you haven’t already signed up for Escrip please do, it is also FREE MONEY for Green Oaks.
    Log onto www.escrip.com. our group ID# is 6510168.
    Register your Safeway, Debit, & Credit Card at www.escrip.com & designate Green Oaks as your school. When you shop at Safeway or the eScrip website, a portion of your purchases will be donated to Green Oaks.
    Escrip Dinning earns money just from eating out using your cards that participate in the program. They have many restaurants that participate that are not listed on the site! Like TGIF and Jack In The Box. So if you are not a shopper but you eat out than this is for you!!
    Don’t forget family and friends can sign up for Escrip.


    The PTA just signed up with GoodSearch.com and now every time you shop online or search the internet, a donation will be made to Green Oaks Fundamental School.
    GoodShop.com works with more than 2,500 stores (including Target, Apple, Petsmart, etc..) and every time you purchase something, a percentage will be donated to us! And, even more exciting, GoodShop also offers over 100,000 of the most up-to-date coupons and free shipping offers so you can save money at the same time. 
    GoodSearch is a Yahoo-powered search engine which makes a donation to us each time you do a search. 

     Shoparoo Logo
    SHOPAROO: This is an App that you download to your Smart Device by going to http://www.shoparoo.com/ Take a picture of your shopping receipt and Shoparoo will donate to Green Oaks. 
Last Modified on October 2, 2019