Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan

Learning Continuity and Attendance Plans for San Juan authorized charter schools

Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan Stakeholder Engagement

  • San Juan Unified values stakeholder voice and input will be used to inform the Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan. The Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan will memorialize the planning process that is already underway for the 2020-2021 school year.  Initial stakeholder feedback began in May, 2020, and included the Parent/caregiver survey, Teacher survey, Student survey, Thoughtexchange, and listening sessions which were used to help develop guidance for school re-opening.

    Our current stakeholder efforts, which will be on-going, will be conducted with students, families, community members, distict committees, unduplicated students, and students with unique needs.  Data will be collected via online surveys, online platforms, and telephone calls. Surveys in multiple languages are available and translators services will be provided. Data collected will be used to help inform and refine the Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan.

    A requirement of the Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan calls for the district Superintendent to provide a written response to questions and comments generated at the District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC) on August 27, 2020, and the Local Control Accountability Plan Parent Advisory Committee (LCAP PAC) on August 27, 2020. This written response will be available for viewing prior to the September 8, public comment Board meeting.

    The draft plan will be presented for public comment at the Board meeting scheduled for September 8, 2020, and the final draft will be presented for adoption at the September 22, Board meeting. Stakeholder engagement will be an ongoing focus this year to ensure timely response to student, staff, and family needs. 








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